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Suzhou Die casting Technology Association-invited Co-organizer of Automobile New material Application Summit Forum
Jun 6,2019 17:53CST
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The "2019 China New Automotive Materials Application Summit Forum and 2019 China Aluminum processing Industry chain supply and demand Trading Summit", which has attracted the attention of the industry, has finally been finalized! Held at the same time as the 21st China Industrial Fair on September 19-20, aluminum processing and die-casting industry chain entrepreneurs and relevant experts are cordially invited to gather in Shanghai at the same time as the 21st China Industrial Fair. Fully understand the international and domestic aluminum market policies and market trends, grasp the context of the industry, insight into the market trend, one step ahead of the priority layout, to promote the transformation and upgrading of China's aluminum processing industry. Listen to the latest scientific research progress of experts, find out the implementation plan of new technology for enterprises, focus on solving the key technologies, core components and special material problems of the industry, and use new technologies to enhance the soft power and competitiveness of enterprises.

Among them, the Suzhou Die casting Technology Association will attend the meeting as a special co-organizer, can invite member units to attend this forum, and collect the "self-recommendation form of New Automobile Materials" submitted by member units. Die casting enterprises can apply for access to the supplier database of automobile enterprises.

On Suzhou Die casting Technology Association

Suzhou Die casting Technology Association is a legal person approved by the competent department of the government. It was established in 1994 and was dominated by southern Jiangsu in the early days. Now it has developed into a local die casting industry association with 365 unit members and nearly 100 individual members in 16 provinces and cities throughout the country.

In 2010, it was appraised as the National excellent Foundry Industry Association. The Association is the executive director of the China Foundry Association, in 2014 was named the National Foundry Industry Advanced Association and education and training base.

The Association employs experts from the famous die casting industry in China to form a senior advisory group, and absorbs the cost of the main die casting expert group in the country. There are alloy, equipment, automation, mold, process, surface treatment, mechanical processing, quality and other expert groups, the existing staff of the expert committee 78.

List of some members of the Association

V Chairman unit:

Suzhou Chunxing Seiko Co., Ltd.

V rotating chairman unit:

Suzhou Yadulin Co., Ltd., Suzhou Jincheng Precision casting Co., Ltd.

V Vice Chairman Unit:

Suzhou Arromi Technology Co., Ltd., Kunshan Laijie Nonferrous Metals Co., Ltd., Nanjing Jincheng Precision Machinery Co., Ltd., Tangshan Chunchao Auto parts Co., Ltd., Buller (China) Machinery Manufacturing Company, Guangzhou Xinyu Foundry equipment material Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Hubei Huayang Automobile Transmission system Co., Ltd., Shanghai Yida Machinery Co., Ltd., Nantong High-tech Industrial Furnace Co., Ltd., Ningbo Beilun Huiwang Mould Industry Co., Ltd., Fulai (Shanghai) Die casting Machine Co., Ltd., Suzhou Xinhe Machinery Co., Ltd., Suzhou Yongchuang Metal Science and Technology Co., Ltd., Suzhou Sanji Foundry equipment Co., Ltd., Shanghai Elumi Industrial Furnace Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Application for membership

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