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[intra-day quantitative Strategy] Wu Anjun: metal intra-day Investment Strategy (June 5)
Jun 4,2019 16:45CST
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Rebar: shorting

Iron ore: shorting

Nickel: shorting

Hot rolls: shorting

Shanghai Zinc: shorting

Coke: shorting

Coking coal: shorting

Aluminum: shorting

Manganese silicon: be long

Copper: shorting

Ferrosilicon: shorting

Shanghai lead: shorting

Shanghai tin: short

Note: the opening price is subject to the opening price within the day. Multiple orders can increase positions on the low side, empty orders can increase the positions on the high side. In principle, the position will be closed on the same day, and the procedure will also close the position around 3 days according to the circumstances. The stop loss is set according to the affordability of the fund.

Additional: comparison of profits and losses of yesterday [intra-day quantitative strategy]

Rebar: short (floating loss)

Iron ore: no signal

Hot roll: short (floating loss)

Nickel: no signal

Zinc: short (profit flat)

Coke: short (in position)

Coking coal: short (in position)

Aluminum: short (unprofitable)

Manganese silicon: long (unprofitable)

Copper: short (in position)

Ferrosilicon: short (in position)

Lead: short (unprofitable)


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