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Ernst & Young: in 2018, car companies invested 8.4 billion euros in electric vehicles * abandoning LG Chemical batteries. Hyundai Electric models in China will use Ningde era batteries.
Jun 4,2019 09:52CST
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[Ernst & Young: 8.4 billion euros invested in electric vehicles in 2018] according to the German media Frankfurt report, Ernst & Young (hereinafter referred to as Ernst & Young) recently released a report on investment in electric vehicles in the automotive industry. According to the report, the global automotive industry invested more than 8.4 billion euros (64.831 billion yuan) in electric vehicles in 2018, almost doubling from 2017. (Ernst & Young noted that the financial data covered in the report included only investment projects such as the opening of factories and the renovation of production lines, excluding R & D costs). It is understood that Ernst & Young collected the annual reports, investor announcements and related news articles of the world's 16 largest multinational auto groups from 2015 to 2018. According to the analysis, the German automobile enterprises represented by Daimler Group invested the most in the field of electric vehicles from 2015 to 2018. Daimler has spent a total of 4.6 billion euros (35.503 billion yuan) to produce pure electric vehicles and hybrid vehicles.

[Mitsubishi and other six companies cooperate to use electric vehicles as virtual power plants to promote power grid stability] according to foreign media reports, Tokyo Electric Power holding Company (Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings, Inc.), Tokyo Electric Power Energy partner Company (TEPCO Energy Partner, Inc.), Mitsubishi Motor Company (Mitsubishi Motors Corporation), Hitachi system Power Service Co., Ltd. (Hitachi Systems Power Services, Ltd.) formed an alliance with Shizuoka Gas Company (Shizuoka Gas Co.,). Apply for funding to cover the cost of the "demonstration project for the construction of virtual power plants using demand-side energy resources in fiscal 2019 (V2G integration project)" (FY2019 Virtual Power Plant Construction Demonstration Project That Utilizes Demand-side Energy Resources (V2G Aggregator Project). The project was launched publicly by the Japanese Ministry of economy, Trade and Industry (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry,METI) through the Sustainable Open Innovation Initiative (Sustainable open Innovation Initiative,SII), and applications from several companies were approved on May 30. From June 3 to February 17, 2020, several companies will work together to experiment with the project in five locations in Japan. In recent years, due to production fluctuations and solar and other renewable energy (RES) power generation surplus, it is becoming more and more difficult to maintain a stable energy supply. In order to maintain the stability of the power grid, the power plant needs to be adjusted flexibly, but the maintenance price of the power grid is very high just for the sake of adjustment. Therefore, the momentum of building the virtual power plant (VPP) is increasing, and the virtual power plant is a new mechanism. The relationship between the continuous introduction of renewable energy and the stability of the power grid can be balanced at low cost.

Blue Cars, an electric car dealer and rental company in New Zealand, has developed a new battery module for the Nissan Leaf (Nissan Leaf) model. The company said it could increase the range of the popular electric model by up to 45 per cent. The latest 2019 leaf electric car is equipped with a 40-kWh battery, and the EPA (EPA) estimates it has a range of 240km, more than twice as long as the early leaf, but well below the range of other modern electric cars.

[battery abandoned by LG Chemical Hyundai Electric vehicle in China will use Ningde Times Battery] according to foreign media reports, Hyundai's Encino electric vehicle, the overseas version of the Kona, launched in China later this year, will use battery products from Ningde Times (CATL), a Chinese battery supplier, in the hope of taking full advantage of the Chinese government's battery subsidy policy. Hyundai Kona electric vehicles made in South Korea and Europe have been using LG Chemical (LG Chem) batteries, but it has decided to use CATL batteries in the Chinese market to power the SUV in order to benefit from the corresponding subsidies provided by the Chinese government.

It is reported that the draft new double points policy may be publicly solicited in June and released by the end of this year. [new double points policy may be released by the end of this year.] it is reported that the draft new double points policy may be publicly solicited in June and released by the end of this year. The draft will adjust the pseudo energy saving phenomena such as the current supply of new energy points exceeding the demand, the high power consumption of pure electric models and the high fuel consumption of plug-in hybrid electric models, and at the same time increase the economic penalties for non-up-to-standard car enterprises, and so on. Let the double points policy really work.

[Beijing 368 car 4S stores can issue temporary licenses] from June, eight traffic control departments to release management and clothing reform measures will be formally implemented. Among them, the vehicle number of the owner in Beijing is interchangeable, and the 368 4S stores in Beijing can also issue temporary license plates for motor vehicles.

[holding silver saddle capital, Boxian car financing 2.5 billion yuan] after Wei Lai and Aichi got financing, Boxian also came the good news. On June 3, Bosch Motor announced that it had signed an investment cooperation agreement with Silver saddle Capital of Sinochem International (Holdings) Co., Ltd. The investors in this round of financing include Yinan Capital, Shengshi Investment, China Science Industry Fund, Sumitomo Corporation, Baoxide, Pukou High Investment, Yuanxing Investment, etc., with a total scale of 2.5 billion yuan. The funds will be used mainly for product development and marketing investment in Bosch cars.

[Tesla CEO Musk: electric pickup may start at US $49000] recently, Musk once again talked about pickup projects and said he hoped the starting price of pickup trucks would be less than US $50, 000, possibly starting at US $49000. In terms of products, functionality will overtake the Ford F150 and the driving experience will exceed the standard Porsche 911.

[the 100000 interest-free loan is gone, Wei came to cancel the "battery rental" program.] A few days ago, we learned from Weilai Automobile that one of Weilai's iconic marketing strategies, the "battery rental" program, has been removed from the shelves. New ES8 and ES6 car buyers will not be able to choose the equivalent of a "five-year 1660 yuan / month interest-free loan" program.

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