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Today's news: risk assets continue to lose blood * Iron and Steel Big Mac was born China Baowu restructuring Maanshan Iron and Steel Group
Jun 3,2019 08:58CST
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Macro information

The full text of the White Paper "China's position on Sino-US Economic and Trade consultations"

China and China impose tariffs on about $60 billion worth of imports from the United States, which came into effect on June 1.

Trump terminates GSP treatment for developing countries in India effective June 5

Indian Ministry of Commerce and Industry: the termination of GSP treatment by the United States will stick to the National interest

Experts recommend that the central bank take hedges at the expiration of 993 billion yuan in the open market this week.

Risky assets continue to lose blood Dow futures fell more than 200 points, Petrobras fell more than 2%.

Metal news

[SMM data] take a look at the changes in copper inventory in the four largest warehouses in the world this year.

[SMM analysis] the volume of waste aluminum imported from general trade increased by 37.4 per cent in April compared with the previous month.

Analysis of China's Export of refined Tin in April [SMM Analysis]

[SMM exclusive] in May, the PMI composite index of the stainless steel industry is still below the line of prosperity and decline, but better than expected.

If you limit the export of rare earths in SMM:, you can't find an alternative source. The recent surge in rare earths is irrational.

The walking function of electric bicycle highlights the amount of lithium manganate material or improves the amount of lithium manganate material. [SMM analysis]

Copper production in Chile increased by 2.3 per cent to 462046 tons in April

[blockbuster] Iron and Steel Big Mac was born! China Baowu reorganization Maanshan Iron and Steel Group

Breakthrough in the Application of rare Earth Ferroalloy to Iron and Steel Materials

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Promoting the Information Network of vehicle purchase tax in China

Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Transportation adjusts the allocation quota of car Regulation and Control Increment Index

New energy and power generation projects come out with new rules and regulations, 6 concept stocks show strong concern.

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