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[SMM Daily Review] the weakness of silicon at the beginning of 5 words continues to decline.
Apr 22,2019
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SMM4 22 news: today's port oxygen 553 # silicon prices continue to decline, Huangpu Port transaction price in the vicinity of 10500 yuan / ton, Tianjin Port fell to 10400 yuan / ton. Poor shipment leads to low price competition is more common, the transaction is concentrated in the low end of the quotation range. The silicon factory shipping attitude is quite different, partly because the cost limit quotation is relatively strong, Yunnan has the silicon factory does not pass the oxygen 553 # silicon Kun Jiao quotation is still in 10500 yuan / ton; in addition, some silicon plants have a strong willingness to ship the price to accompany the market. (SMM Yang Xiaoting)

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