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Tangshan to escalate smog-alert to highest in Mar 1–6
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Mar 1,2019

SHANGHAI, Mar 1 (SMM) – China’s top steelmaking city, Tangshan of Hebei province, would come under the highest-level smog-alert and production restrictions during March 1-6 as pollutant diffusion conditions worsen.

Local environmental authorities on Thursday issued the notice on implementing levelⅠemergency measures against heavy pollution in the next six days. The city was already implementing levelⅡ anti-smog measures in the second half of February.

Under the highest-level smog-alert, steel mills who are categorised as A and located outside the urban area are required to cut capacity of sintering machines by at least 40%. Category-A mills, located in the urban area are required to halve sintering capacity. Category-B steel mills are subject to cuts of at least 60%.

Category-C mills are required to cut at least 70% of their capacity of sintering machines, shaft furnaces and lime kilns. Category-D mills are required to fully suspend their sintering machines, shaft furnaces and lime kilns.

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