Shanxi's Linfen city to begin production curbs from Sept

Industry News 11:51AM Aug 29, 2018 Source:SMM

SHANGHAI, Aug 29 (SMM) – To control smog and improve the city's standing in an air quality ranking across China, the northern city of Linfen in Shanxi province has required industrial pollutant sources in its central areas to cut or suspend production from the beginning of September, SMM learned.

Yaodu district, Xiangfen county and Hongdong county, located in centre of the city, are the major targets of this move. The effort is likely to be in effect until winter production cuts begin.

Steel mills were ordered to cut blast furnace capacity by half and suspend production in turns. Mills across Yaodu and Xiangfen will suspend production during September 1-20 while those in Quwo county, Houma city and Yicheng county will suspend production during September 21-October 10.

Coking duration at coke plants is required to be extended to 48 hours in Yaodu, Xiangfen and Hongdong, and to 36 hours in the remaining areas. Environmentally-efficient, heat-recovery coke ovens will cut capacity by 70%.

All cupola furnaces across foundries will cease operation. Electric furnaces across casting plants will halve their capacity and suspend in turns. Manufacturers of nonferrous metals will also reduce production by 50%.

This round of production curbs extends to the sectors of construction materials, chemicals, coal washing, electricity and sectors that emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs).