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Chile Exported Copper Value Rises 32.7% in October
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SHANGHAI, Nov.8 (SMM)-According to BNAmericas, with consecutive two week’s copper price above $3 per pound, exported mineral products in Chile set new high since April 2014.

As per data from central bank of Chile, export value of mineral products in October reaches $354 million, rising 31.7% compared with $269 million last year, rising 6.1% on monthly basis.

Total export value of Chile exported mineral products reaches $22.8 billion, rising 16% compared with $24.7 billion last year.

Export value of copper is $3.23 billion, rising 32.7% compared with $2.43 billion last year, rising 1.5% on monthly basis. Thereinto, export value of copper concentrates is $1.55 billion and electrolytic copper is $1.38 billion.

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