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China Environmental Protection Greatly Impacts Zinc Downstream Industry in July, SMM Reports
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Aug 2,2017

SHANGHAI, Aug. 2 (SMM) - Environmental protection inspections spread to Anhui and Shandong provinces in early July. Some local galvanizers and die-cast zinc alloy plants were thus forced to shut down, SMM understands.

This will affect about 2,000 tonnes of local zinc consumption, SMM reckons.

Environmental protection team undertook environmental assessment at local galvanizers in early July.

Anhui has 12 galvanizers in total. A few of them still remain closed for now, which failed to pass such inspections. About 1,000 tonnes of local zinc consumption is expected to have been affected, SMM predicts.

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Environmental protection team arrived in Qingdao, Shandong in mid-July, and forced local die-cast zinc alloy producers to shut down. About 1,000 tonnes of local zinc consumption is expected to have been affected. Local die-cast zinc alloy plants began to restart from August 2.

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This round of environmental protection checks have a great impact on local galvanizers and die-cast zinc alloy plants, and will in turn drag down their operating rates in July, SMM said.

More regions will weather environmental protection checks in the foreseeable future as China put emphasis on environmental issue. 

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