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Minmetals Shuikoushan Cu-Pb-Zn Comprehensive Base to be Placed in Shuikoushan
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Jun 28,2017

SHANGHAI, Jun. 28 (SMM) – Changning and Zhuzhou Smelter Group reached consensus and signed contract for Minmetals Shuikoushan Cu-Pb-Zn Comprehensive Base on June 27, 2017, reported by Changning Journal.

Changning will invest 8-10 billion yuan to build copper-lead-zinc industrial base after closing 40,000 tonnes of zinc capacity at tin mine and 650,000 tonnes of lead and zinc capacity at Zhuzhou Smelter Group.

The project will construct 300,000 tonnes of new zinc capacity, expand 200,000 tonnes of copper capacity and remold 100,000 tonnes of lead capacity.

Changning aims to clamp down all backward capacities to promote transformation and upgrade of traditional smelting industry, and create high-end Cu-Pb-Zn products.

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