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Light Rare Earth Price Plunges, Enterprises Find New Way Out
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SHANGHAI, Jun. 3 (SMM) -

Rare Earth Price Plunges
Demand for rare earth has been sluggish since the start of 2013, with severe overcapacity. Only demand for the widely-used praseodymium-neodymium alloy improved, but transactions were also quiet, with prices of other rare earth categories on the downward track.

Shanghai Rare Earth Industry Expected to Double
Shanghai Rare Earth Industry Association was founded on May 28. Shanghai rare earth industry has been growing rapidly, with the industry output value increasing from RMB 2.52 billion at the end of the 10th Five-Year Plan period, to RMB 5.05 billion at the end of the 11th Five-Year Plan period.

Guangdong to Invest in Aluminum and Rare Earth Projects in Inner Mongolia
The Inner Mongolia & Guangdong Technology Cooperation Week was held in the Baiyun International Meeting Center last week. Inner Mongolia collected 342 projects cooperating with Guangdong, covering steel, equipment manufacturing, aluminum, power and rare earth industries.

Indicators of Nine Ore Categories to be Finished
The recovery rate, recycling rate and integrate utilization rate are minimum requirements for mines. China will continue to study the three rates of nine ore categories including oil and gas, iron, copper, lead, zinc, fluorite, rare earth and sylvite, with the indicators of iron, copper, lead and zinc completed in late May, and the indicators of fluorite and rare earth finished in late June, and those for sylvite expected to be completed in late July.

MLR Delegates Mineral Resources Exploration Examination and Approval Authority
The Ministry of Land and Resources Geological Survey Department Deputy Director, Mineral Exploration Office Deputy Director Yu Haifeng revealed that the MLR is considering delegating examination and approval authority of mineral resources exploration to local governments.

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