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China Coke Output Grows Continuously
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Nov 1,2011

SHANGHAI, Nov. 1 (SMM) -- China’s coke output grew continuously in recent 10 years, with output only falling slightly in 2008. Coke output grew by 190% from 2000 to 2009, with the average annual growth rate of 12.83%. Coke output set a new high in 2010, reaching 387 million mt, up 9.1% YoY. Coke output is expected to exceed 400 million mt in 2011. There are four reasons behind rising coke output. First, the upgrading of equipment. China gradually phases out small-scale coke equipment and steadily increases the number of large-scale coke oven in recent 10 years. Second, the progress in the industrial concentration, with the number of coke enterprises with capacity of 1 million mt/yr increasing continuously. Third, significant increases in domestic steel output. Fourth, coke plants under integrated steel mills increase output rapidly, and a few of top enterprises with the highest annual coke output are all coke plants under integrated steel mills.


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