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NIO Officially Launches The GPT Large Model

iconApr 16, 2024 18:01
NIO officially launches the GPT large model.

NIO has announced that the NOMI GPT end cloud multimodal large model tailored specifically for NOMI has officially launched. The new version will be gradually pushed to models equipped with the Banyan Rong intelligent system. It is reported that the upgraded end cloud multimodal model is built on a new technological architecture, integrating self-developed multimodal perception, cognitive central system, emotion engine, and multiple expert agents, and other functions. According to official introduction, the NOMI GPT large model comes with many new features, allowing it to answer encyclopedia knowledge questions from various fields such as science, history, and movies and TV shows. In addition, NOMI can intelligently generate AI car scenarios and ambient light combinations based on simple user commands, and present unique NOMI expressions. It is worth mentioning that the upgraded NOMI now has a special emotion engine, which may be the key to achieving human-like interaction.

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