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HBIS invites you to attend the 2024 SMM Southeast Asia (Thailand) Automotive Supply Chain Conference

iconMar 18, 2024 13:03
HBIS Group Co., Ltd (HBIS Group) is one of the largest steel material manufacturing and comprehensive service providers worldwide.

HBIS Group Co., Ltd (HBIS Group) is one of the largest steel material manufacturing and comprehensive service providers worldwide. With the vision of "building the most competitive steel enterprise", HBIS Group is committed to providing the most valuable steel materials and industrial service solutions for all walks of life. HBIS Group has total assets of 539.6 billion yuan, control and operation of overseas assets of more than 10 billion US dollars, business network in more than 110 countries and regions worldwide, ranked in the top 500 global enterprises for 15 consecutive years, ranked 229th in 2023. HBIS Group adheres to the concept of "high-end, intelligent and green" development, has accelerated the transformation of "steel forward to material, manufacturing forward to service", and been committed to building a multinational industrial group with world brand influence in steel materials, emerging industries, overseas business and financial services. HBIS Group has become the largest household appliance steel, the second largest automotive steel manufacturer in China, the second largest Vanadium-Titanium material manufacturer worldwide. HBIS Group was awarded the highest rating in the comprehensive competitiveness assessment of steel industry for the "strong competitiveness", it is also the highest degree of internationalization of steel enterprises in China.

Since 2013, HBIS has taken the lead in proposing the development concept of "harmonious coexistence of people, steel and the environment" in the industry, and has always adhered to "ecological priority, green and low-carbon" as the core content of the enterprise development strategy and conscious production and operation mode. From large-scale comprehensive plant management, the creation of the world's cleanest factory to location structure adjustment, from ultra-low emission transformation, the first low-carbon development action plan to form a "6+2" low-carbon development technology roadmap, from the completion of the world's first hydrogen metallurgy demonstration project to the release of the "6+6+5" low-carbon emission product plan, It has formed a systematic green and low-carbon development strategy featuring energy conservation, pollution reduction, carbon reduction, recycling and coordination.

As the second largest supplier of automotive steel in China, HBIS has realized the "complete production" of steel for passenger cars, including hot-rolled automotive steel, pickling automotive steel, cold-rolled series automotive steel and special steel for automotive, etc.

HBIS hot rolled automotive steel with high dimensional accuracy, wide width, whole varieties, high strength characteristics, and stable supply of hot rolled structural steel, beam steel, wheel steel, box and container steel, hot forming steel and other automotive steel in batch.

HBIS pickling automotive steel with high dimensional accuracy, whole varieties, high strength characteristics, and stable supply of high-end pickling beam steel, structural steel, high reaming steel, dual-phase steel, complex phase steel and other automotive steel in batch.

HBIS cold rolled series automotive steel has cold-rolled coil, Zn coated coil, Zn-Al-Mg coated coil and Al-Si coated coil, with ultra-wide automotive plate and phase change strengthened advanced high-strength steel as features. The company can provide a stable supply of high quality ultra deep drawing gass-free atomic steel (IF), baking hardened steel (BH), low alloy high strength steel (HSLA), dual-phase steel (DP), high strength IF steel, transformation induced plasticity steel (TRIP), complex phase steel (CP), quenching-partitioning steel (QP), martensitic steel (MS) and hot formed steel (PH). The strength of cold-formed steel without coating can reach 1500MPa, the strength of galvanized cold-formed steel can reach 1200MPa, and the strength of hot-formed steel parts can reach 2000MPa.

HBIS special steel for automotive mainly includes gear steel for passenger cars, commercial vehicles gear box, differential gear, drive axle, etc. Gear steel for machinery industry; Engine crankshaft, connecting rod, camshaft steel; Construction machinery industry "four-wheel belt".

Current status and future plans of HBIS’ participation in the SEA market

HBIS actively participates in the "Belt and Road" Initiative, and its products are widely exported to Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and other countries in SEA. As automotive companies have laid out SEA countries such as Thailand, HBIS will deeply participate in the automotive supply chain in SEA as a supplier of automotive raw materials.


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