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Solar Cell Prices Keep Falling Amid Oversupply

iconSep 28, 2023 21:43
This week, solar cell prices continued to fall.

This week, solar cell prices continued to fall. Mainstream prices saw PERC182 drop from 0.66 yuan/W on September 25th to 0.63 yuan/w, PERC210 solar cells fall from 0.72 yuan/w on September 25th to 0.69 yuan/w on September 28th, and Topcon182 drop from 0.7 yuan/w on September 25th to 0.67-0.68 yuan/w on September 28th. The shipment price for long-term solar cell customers is 1 cent/w lower than the mainstream price. This week, the market price difference narrowed and mainstream prices started to unify. Shipment prices remained stable during the National Day holiday, and nearly all solar cell capacities were fully operational, having minimal impact on output. Only a small number of Topcon solar cell manufacturers reduced or halted production due to cost inversion, but this had an extremely limited impact on overall solar cell output in October. After preliminary calculations, October's solar cell output is expected to exceed 60GW, while PV module output is expected around 50GW. Due to solar cell oversupply, inventory pressure on relevant manufacturers is increasing, and prices are expected to continue falling. This may lead to a trend of reduced solar cell production in the future.

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