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SMM Exclusive: Global Copper Mine Tracking

iconAug 3, 2023 13:24
In order to closely monitor the copper market, SMM regularly conducts on-site visits and research on major domestic copper mining companies.

In order to closely monitor the copper market, SMM regularly conducts on-site visits and research on major domestic copper mining companies. Taking the Lala Copper Mine in Liangshan as an example, it is a well-known large-scale copper deposit in China and currently the largest open-pit copper mine in the southwest region. In addition to copper, the ore deposit also contains cobalt, molybdenum, iron, gold, silver, sulfur, and other beneficial components and rare earth elements. Since its discovery in 1956, after decades of continuous mining, the current copper grade of the mine is only 0.3%. The Lala Copper Mine is facing resource depletion. In the overall plan of mineral resources of Sichuan (2021-2025) released by the Department of Natural Resources of Sichuan Province, the focus is on scarce and advantageous mineral resources, strengthening prospecting work in important large and medium-sized mines such as HuiLi Lala Copper Mine in peripheral and deep areas.

Liangshan Lala Copper Mineis a representative enterprise of green development. Liangshan Mining fully utilizes landscape ecology to plan the site, greenery, reservoir protection, and rainwater drainage. It has carried out greening transformations for the closed phase 1, 2 and 3 tailings ponds, with an environmental restoration and governance rate of 98%. Based on the land reclamation plan, greening measures have been gradually implemented for all greening areas in the mining area. For a long time, Liangshan Mining has adhered to the concept of "protecting in development and developing in protection." The company's Lala Copper Mine was designated as a national-level pilot unit for green mines in 2012 and formally entered the National Green Mine List in August 2019. In August 2020, Liangshan Mining was successfully included in the first batch of green enterprises list in Sichuan Province.

In recent years, Liangshan Mining has actively responded to and implemented the requirements of "peaking carbon emissions" and "carbon neutrality." It has started by optimizing process control and vigorously promoting research and application of energy-saving and low-carbon technologies. The company has invested over 60 million yuan in a low-air pollution control project for smelting, which includes the construction of an enclosed flue gas system. This effectively controls and utilizes the low-level emissions of flue gas on-site. The high-concentration sulfur dioxide gas absorbed and displaced in this process is used as an excellent raw material for the existing acid-making system, turning waste gas into valuable resources. By balancing and coordinating the two major production systems of ketone and acid, the collected, purified, and transformed main flue gas is used to produce industrial sulfuric acid. The tail gas after acid production meets the emission standards after being treated by the desulfurization system. Over 400,000 mt of industrial sulfuric acid are produced annually, creating significant economic benefits.

China's copper resources are relatively concentrated, with the confirmed copper deposits in Tibet, Yunnan, Jiangxi, Xinjiang, and Inner Mongolia accounting for 65% of the national total. Additionally, China's copper mines are characterized by a small number of large-scale mines and a large number of medium and small-scale mines. The average grade of copper ore is only 0.87%, which is less than one-third of the average grade in major copper-producing countries worldwide. The confirmed reserves of high-grade copper ore (grade > 1%) account for only 20% of the total confirmed reserves.SMM conducted in-depth field research on copper mining in Yunnan Province, visiting large, medium, and small-scale mines to obtain first-hand data. This includes information on mine types, recoverable reserves, selected copper ore grades, mining costs, and beneficiation costs. For more information on the copper mining industry, please stay tuned for SMM 2023 Global Copper Mining Market Industry Development Report

The SMM 2023 Global Copper Mining Market Industry Report provides a professional introduction to the global reserves of large-scale copper mines, the supply of copper concentrates worldwide, price analysis, and future trends. It also analyzes the future global demand in various industries including the power, household appliances, transportation, construction, and machinery sectors. Furthermore, it conducts profit analysis and cost curve analysis for copper concentrate companies. The report serves as an important reference and provides timely strategic recommendations for upstream and downstream enterprises in the copper industry chain to make proactive strategic deployments. For more details, please contact Ms. Zhang Yuting (18701906042), the project manager of non-ferrous metal consulting. Welcome to subscribe to the SMM 2023 Global Copper Mining Market Industry Report, which is available in both Chinese and English versions.

SMM is a leading information provider in the field of professional non-ferrous metal consulting in China. Our consulting products primarily include industry supply-demand price analysis, supply chain management analysis, market research, on-site research, professional industry reports, customized research reports, industrial planning documents, and industry whitepapers. These reports can be updated on a quarterly, semi-annual, or annual basis, depending on the specific situation.

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