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[SMM Today's News] Metal gains Shanghai Nickel rose 9% in 5 days | Aluminum inventory decreased by 24000 tons | spot market overview

iconApr 18, 2022 15:51
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Today's focus

Copper metal floated red, Shanghai nickel rose more than 2.4% black series have uplink one after another [SMM afternoon review]

"View SMM Metal spot Historical Price

Is it a dilemma for weak nickel prices that have risen 9 per cent in five trading days with tight supply and tight VS demand? [SMM analysis]

After falling for 6 days in a row, the average price of lithium carbonate fell by another 1500 yuan! The price of lithium hexafluorophosphate fell to 470000 / ton.

Copper stocks in mainstream areas of the country rose slightly by 300 tons over the weekend [SMM weekly data]

Statistics on weekly output of aluminum ingots from major domestic consumers (April 12-18)

The inventory of domestic electrolytic aluminum society is 24000 tons lower than that of last Thursday [SMM data]

Lead market situation in "other regions" KuaiBao: lead prices rise smelters' shipping enthusiasm improves slightly [SMM lead afternoon Review]

The inventory of zinc in SMM 7 increased by 3600 tons compared with last Monday [SMM data]

In March, the new energy vehicle market warmed up, but some production was stopped due to the epidemic, and the impact of price increases by car companies will be gradually reflected [SMM analysis]

What do all parties of silicon and manganese think when the epidemic situation "suppresses" demand? [SMM research]

Is the domestic molybdenum market rising or falling in the future? [SMM analysis]

Iron ore weekly

Follow-up research by SMM: the current situation of the metal industry under the epidemic (continuously updated)

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SMM Daily Review

The mismatch between supply and demand in northern China continues to push up Henan alumina homeopathic [SMM Daily Review]

The processing fee of aluminum bar fluctuates slightly and the transaction in South China market picks up [daily review of aluminum bar spot]

The price of aluminum has risen by 70 yuan per ton of waste aluminum, and the price is running steadily [Daily Review of waste Aluminum]

Overseas demand follows manganese prices firm at the beginning of the week [SMM Daily Review]

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Mr. SMM spot KuaiBao

Gaoshengshui downstream does not catch up with the rising shippers have no choice but to continue to reduce the price of shipments [SMM South China Copper spot]

The price of copper in Shanghai rose to 75000 yuan per ton on the first day after the spot price rose to 75000 yuan / ton [SMM Shanghai copper spot]

The price of copper spot market in Guangdong goes up in different periods (the fourth period) [SMM price]

There are very few actual transactions in the lower reaches of rising water in North China [SMM North China Copper spot]

"the discount on the rise of copper in Shanghai market (fourth period) [SMM price]

"South China spot transactions are first strong and then weak overall trading volume is general [SMM South China Aluminum spot]

The information of benchmark reduction and the weakening of the impact of the epidemic situation will boost the high-level operation of Shanghai Aluminum before noon in the market [SMM Aluminum spot afternoon Review]

"SMM Shanghai" lead market: lead strong upward while lead trading market light [SMM afternoon review]

Guangdong Zinc: active trading in 2006 contract quotation among holders [SMM afternoon Review]

Ningbo Zinc: the shipper's par-price shipping market has been dominated by rigid demand procurement [SMM afternoon review]

Tianjin Zinc: zinc prices remain volatile Today overall spot transactions are general [SMM afternoon Review]

Shanghai Zinc: the market goes up slightly and the deal is general [SMM afternoon review]

Gao Shengshui sharply raised mainstream spot shipping prices to remain stable [SMM tin afternoon review]

The supply of pure nickel is scarce and the rising freight is resolutely firm [SMM Nickel spot afternoon Review]

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The trend of industry

National Bureau of Statistics: GDP rose 4.8% in the first quarter compared with the same period last year. The overall start of the national economy is stable.

Nearly 40% of the "whitelist" of the first batch of enterprises in Shanghai is related to the automobile industry.

Inventory LME is investigating the delay in the release of inventory data.

3.08 billion yuan! Sichuan approved three energy-saving projects for the production of power battery materials

Lithium Battery sold about 27000 tons of electrolyte solvents with revenue of about 6.717 billion last year.

The total profit, net profit and iron concentrate output of Anshan Iron and Steel Group in the first quarter reached the best level in the same period in history.

How to follow up the high performance of coal enterprises in the first quarter?

The Wuxi SiC module packaging line project of Triple Lipps Semiconductor may be put into production in July.

Excellent performance of photovoltaic industry Shuangliang energy-saving net profit increased by 340% in the first quarter

The production capacity of the first phase of lithium concentrate of Mianya Chemical Group is expected to be put into production in 2024. SAIC launches pressure test for resumption of work and production.

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