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The production line of Taiyuan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. and Qingdao medium-term Indonesian Nickel-Iron Project has entered the joint commissioning stage.

At 9: 00 a.m. on April 11, the linkage commissioning of the pulverized coal preparation system of the Qingdao-Indonesia project of China Liuye Mechanical and Electrical Company was carried out smoothly, which laid a good foundation for the trial production of the production line.

Linkage debugging of pulverized coal preparation system

The pulverized coal preparation system transports the prepared pulverized coal from the coal injection workshop to the hot blast furnace of the drying kiln and the burner of the rotary kiln through the transfer station and the pulverized coal bunker, which covers the large inclination belt, the vertical mill system for pulverized coal preparation, the hot blast stove, the Roots fan, the sealed fan and the pulverized coal conveying system, which is the first process before the trial production of the production line. The smooth running of the pulverized coal preparation system symbolizes that the coal production line has been able to process the ore into the dry material of the finished product.

Electric Precipitator system of Rotary Kiln for drying Kiln

It is understood that the commissioning of the supporting systems of the production line of the project began in an all-round way on March 15 this year. In order to ensure the smooth commissioning of each unit, Qingdao Indonesia Project Department integrates the construction force and organizes the construction of key locations. According to the node target, the equipment single commissioning and linkage commissioning of clean circulation pumping station, air nitrogen station, circulating water, production water and gas system have been successfully completed. So far, the net circulation pumping station and the air nitrogen station have entered the production stage in an all-round way, creating favorable conditions for the stand-alone and linkage commissioning of each supporting system of the production line. By the beginning of April, the commissioning of each equipment has been completed.

Kiln rotary kiln

At present, the project "drying kiln has been debugged," rotary kiln construction workers are working overtime to accurately adjust the roller to prepare for the rotary kiln linkage commissioning. Next, the project department will continue to take "no mistakes in epidemic prevention production" as the premise, give full play to the spirit of hard struggle and face up to difficulties, and use the construction of "six good" projects to ensure that the construction tasks are completed on schedule.

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