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Jiang Copper Group Guixi smelter: running out of "Mathematical Intelligence" Construction acceleration

iconApr 18, 2022 10:37

After careful planning, discussion and preparation, the Digital Department of Guixi smelter of Jiang Copper Group was officially established on March 18. This is a powerful measure for Guixi smelter to promote the digital transformation and upgrading of the factory and fully support the construction of "Digital River Copper".

Since it was selected as the only pilot demonstration enterprise in the copper smelting industry by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in 2016, Guixi smelter has worked meticulously on the new intelligent smelting model of the copper smelting industry. the project of "Intelligent transfer and quality Inspection system for Copper smelting Plate" has been successfully selected as the best practice case for the construction of intelligent equipment / intelligent products by national intelligent enterprises. The project "Intelligent Optimization Technology and Application of material flow in Copper smelting" won the first prize of China Nonferrous Metals Industry Science and Technology Award. The "Copper smelting Intelligent Manufacturing demonstration Factory" was selected as the list unit and excellent scene of the intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration factory of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and the project "pilot demonstration of smelting knowledge platform based on big data" was selected as the top ten big data case of China International big data Industrial Expo.

"two-line" operation

The construction of "digital factory" involves a wide range of areas, the cycle is long, and the organizational integration between the systems and the upstream and downstream is complex. As the backbone factory of Jiang Copper Group, how to continue to make efforts for a long time, and be a good demonstration model for the construction of "Digital River Copper"?

In order to promote the transformation and upgrading of the construction of "digital factory", Guixi smelter actively does a good job in top-level design, tamps the foundation of standardized management, and plans to use 3muri for five years to achieve the strategic goal of digital development. by promoting the deep integration of factories with digitalization and intelligence, we will create an intelligent factory model and an intelligent smelting model.

On the one hand, Guixi smelter has established a horizontal-to-edge digital system around the main line of products, focusing on promoting digital construction to achieve full coverage in marketing, research and development, supply chain, production, delivery, service and other business, and speed up the digital transformation of business.

On the other hand, Guixi smelter will locate the production line and establish a vertical-to-bottom digital system of the core production system from the perspectives of automation, control operation, production execution, management and decision-making. create a transparent, lean, efficient and collaborative digital workshop.

Coordination and linkage

On September 18, 2021, at the scientific and technological achievements evaluation meeting of "Intelligent Optimization Technology and Application of Copper smelting material flow" organized by China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association, the expert group led by two academicians agreed that the project reached the international leading level.

As one of the main people in charge of application system construction, Xu Juanhua said: "Guixi smelter cooperates with software and hardware integrators and automation manufacturers." successfully built a system platform that integrates production management, quality inspection management, supply chain management, equipment management, energy management, security and environmental management, and auxiliary decision-making. "

In the initial stage of the trial operation of the platform, Guixi smelter will hold a regular meeting of problem feedback once a week to form the minutes of the meeting; regularly issue the first phase of the intelligent factory work briefing to the whole plant to supervise the progress of all work; coordinate and deal with system problems and BUG in time. With the coordination and integration of various departments, the construction of the first phase of the application platform of intelligent factory has achieved good results.

Dare to try

In terms of project construction, Guixi smelter successfully implemented the world's first intelligent plate transfer project, subverting the traditional plate transfer mode. At the beginning of the construction of the project, Rao Youfa, as the person in charge of the project, was under too much pressure in the face of difficulties such as industry gaps and the lack of plans for reference. However, the careful planning and decisive support of the party and government of Guixi smelter made him eat a "reassurance" and successfully led the team to gnaw off this "hard bone".

Inspired by the first try and bold innovation, Guixi smelter has successively emerged a number of industry-leading digital project achievements: building an information control network and video surveillance system covering the whole plant; building a big data platform for 100000-point real-time database PI system; building railway transportation intelligent system and unmanned driving system.

Talent gathering

At present, the Mathematical Intelligence Section has a total of 17 people, who are full-time responsible for the digitization of the factory, intelligent project construction and system operation and maintenance. although it has not been established soon, it has been planned to gradually take over the operation and maintenance of intelligent equipment from relevant manufacturers. To achieve autonomy.

By carrying out the mechatronics compound point inspector training program, Guixi smelter strives to give full play to the comprehensive talent advantage of the integrated management of point inspectors, comprehensively improve the level of professional operation and maintenance, and constantly improve the operation and maintenance capability of intelligent equipment, and strive to achieve independent maintenance of high-precision equipment.

In recent years, Guixi smelter has actively implemented the talent-driven strategy, promoted the "talent introduction" project, introduced and trained professionals such as informationization and intelligence, and formed a stepped talent structure; combined with the needs of digital construction, encourage and advocate professionals to join the intelligent factory project construction, starting with the "project system", so that more talented people can undergo training, test and achieve results in the project practice.


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