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China's copper industry got off to a good start in the first quarter

iconApr 18, 2022 08:26

Since the beginning of this year, the domestic and international economic situation has become more complex and changeable. China Copper Co., Ltd. is actively responding to severe market challenges, controlling operating risks, strengthening cost control, deepening all-factor benchmarking, continuous optimization of production and operation indicators, and continuous improvement of business performance. From January to March, business income increased by 31% over the same period last year, and production and operating profits exceeded the progress target, with an increase of 93% over the same period last year, successfully achieving a good start to the first quarter.

The fast rhythm of the word "dry" is further strengthened.

The state of mind determines the state, and only by "breaking the ice" in thought can we speed up our work. The Chinese Copper Industry Party Committee regards "strong work style" as an important link in the main line of work in 2022 and runs through the overall situation, requiring all cadres and staff to give priority to strict words, to work first, to show responsibility with excellent work style, and to truly unite the "hard nuclear forces" that promote development.

The party committee of the Chinese copper industry has carried out the special work of "rectifying formalism and bureaucracy and strengthening the building of work style" to eliminate ideological malpractice in the spirit of self-revolution, reform the work style, and promote strict party management in an all-round way in depth. Chinese copper industry leaders have taken the lead in following the example of party building, work style, and capacity building in special democratic life meetings, taking the lead in examining problems, analyzing them in depth, and seriously carrying out criticism and self-criticism, so as to form a model for strengthening work style building. All departments of the government organs conscientiously hold good branch life meetings, focus on self-examination and digging into the root causes of formalism and bureaucracy, take the initiative to find problems, claim problems, and rectify and reform problems, and strive to set an example of "strong work style." All enterprises focus on the central group of theoretical study of the party committee on safety and the special democratic life meeting, focusing on tackling formalism and bureaucracy in safety work, and resolutely win the battle for safety in production.

The style of work opens the way, and the dry word comes first. Compared with the targets and tasks issued by the Chinalco Group and the deployment of the China Copper Industry work Association, China Copper Industry will make a task list, decompose the work tasks, implement the main body of responsibility, further refine the measures and include the supervision items, in order to protect the month, the month and the year, and firmly grasp the implementation of various work tasks. Company leaders have led teams to take the initiative to dock with local governments and departments for policies and support, and effectively promote the relocation of southwest copper industry, historical problems left over by Jinding zinc industry and other difficult work to break the ice.

Centering on the monthly and quarterly targets of production and operation, all enterprises should make overall efforts to do a good job in production organization and management, arrange production plans reasonably, and strengthen the assessment of plan implementation to ensure stable production, increase production and create efficiency.

In the first quarter, the output of gold, silver, electric lead, electric zinc, zinc concentrate and other products exceeded the planned schedule, the sales of the main products outperformed the market, and the company's net profit exceeded the progress by 75%. China's copper industry has handed over excellent transcripts in a state of no matter how hard the style is, no matter how good the state is and how fast the pace is.

The situation that the word "steady" is the first step is further revealed.

At the beginning of the new year, China's copper industry is soberly aware of the complex and grim epidemic prevention situation and arduous development tasks, and adheres to daily scheduling, monthly analysis and quarterly summary in accordance with the main tone of stable word and steady progress, through scientific dispatching and fine organization, all-factor benchmarking, cost control and other measures, constantly improve operational efficiency, optimize production and management indicators, and increase the cost pressure of the main products by nearly 560 million. Mining enterprises continue to make profits, smelting enterprises complete processing costs are optimized compared with the same period last year, processing enterprises successfully achieve the target schedule, mining, smelting, processing, coordination of various sectors go hand in hand, multi-point profits.

As the first high-altitude mine in the country to realize 5G industrial application, Diqing Nonferrous Warfare Wind fighting Snow, grabs the golden period of production and keeps the mine running at full load. By means of all-factor benchmarking and lean management, by means of optimizing management, optimizing production organization, reasonably arranging maintenance and maintenance, improving equipment operation efficiency, repairing old and waste and saving costs, management quality improvement and benefit income increase can be realized. In the first quarter, the unit production cost of copper concentrate decreased by 8.42% compared with the annual budget target, and the copper production and net profit of the concentrate exceeded the progress target.

In the face of the turbulent situation in Peru, as well as the test of the serious epidemic situation and extreme rain and snow weather, the Peruvian mining industry, with the spirit of "speeding up at the beginning and striving for the first start", co-ordinates the two major tasks of epidemic prevention and control and production and management. in accordance with the working thinking of "one struggle, two stability, three rushing and four guarantees", scientific planning, overcoming difficulties, completing 119.36% of the planned copper production of concentrate, and the recovery index reached the highest level in previous years. Sales revenue completed 130% of the budget, successfully achieving the "good start" of the first quarter of production and operation.

Chifeng Yunnan Copper, which suffered from the outbreak of the epidemic, has achieved the target plan for the output of major products in a stable operation, and better achieved the "good start" of the first quarter, made overall planning and advanced planning, and strengthened the guarantee and supply of materials and epidemic prevention materials. In the face of the sudden attack of the epidemic, we should start the emergency handling mechanism as soon as possible, fully grasp the health status of all employees and contractors, connect shift workers to the factory area in advance, and implement comprehensive closed management. in accordance with the principle of "full load production and benefit maximization", carefully organize scheduling to ensure the stability of production.

China Copper International Trade, Chihong Industries, and Shanghai Copper, which are located in Shanghai, are equally difficult. in the face of the menacing Omicron virus, they respond quickly, thoroughly implement the deployment requirements of epidemic prevention and control, and adopt the classified management mode of the combination of on-site and home-based work, so as to ensure the normal operation of work, overcome many difficulties, fight the epidemic, and maintain operation. The supply of China Copper International Trade Industry chain is orderly, and the management index is stable and good. Chihong Industrial inventory pressure drop exceeds the target by 22 million yuan, exceeding the "two gold" pressure drop target.

The word "quality" keeps going for the sake of reform and innovation.

Reform stimulates vitality and innovation drives development. 2022 is not only the key year for China's copper industry to win the three-year reform of state-owned enterprises, but also the key year for the new journey of connotative high-quality development. In the first quarter, China's copper industry made every effort to do a good job in the active war of deepening reform and scientific and technological innovation, highlighting value creation, accumulating potential energy for development, and strongly releasing the endogenous driving force of high-quality development.

China Copper Industry deepening Reform three-year Action list of 218 nodes has completed 210 targets, with a completion rate of 96%. Huazhong Copper has become the only unit of Chinalco that has been selected as a model enterprise of the State-owned assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council. With the bankruptcy acceptance of four subsidiaries of Renda Information, a total of 6 "two non -" enterprises have reached the annual assessment target, and the disposal of "two non -" enterprises has successfully achieved a good start in the first quarter. Luoyang Copper processing, Huazhong Copper and Kunming Copper continue to deepen market-oriented reform, actively respond to economic downward pressure, epidemic situation, transportation and other difficulties, bravely meet market challenges, all achieve profits and exceed progress targets.

The first scientific and technological innovation conference of China's copper industry was held as scheduled, further enhancing the sense of responsibility and urgency of innovation-driven development, anchoring the conversion rate of scientific and technological achievements to 85% at the end of the 14th five-year Plan, and building it into the struggle coordinate of world-class copper, lead and zinc innovative leading enterprises. China Copper Industry awarded 10.46 million yuan to units and individuals that made outstanding contributions to scientific and technological innovation in 2021, further deepened the reform of the scientific and technological system, aroused the enthusiasm and creativity of scientific and technological workers, and vigorously advocated the concept of respecting knowledge and being proud of innovation. strengthen the self-consciousness of science and technology.

Southwest Copper Industry, as the only enterprise in the national copper smelting industry that has been selected as the "leader" of energy efficiency in the national key energy industry for three consecutive years, leads the energy efficiency level of copper and lead smelting industry side by side with Chihong Huize smelting. Diqing Nonferrous 5G Mine is selected as a typical case of national new data center, which helps the construction of intelligent mine into the fast lane. 14 achievements of China Copper Industry won the 2021 China Nonferrous Metals Industry Science and Technology Award, of which 3 won the first prize. The fruitful start is pregnant with the vitality of scientific and technological empowerment, and is accumulating the core kinetic energy of high-quality development.

There are still many difficulties and challenges facing the economic operation. China's copper industry will continue to maintain its strength and practice, organize production efficiently, do a good job in marketing scientifically, seize market opportunities, and continuously improve its efficiency. We will go all out to achieve half a year of success and a full house, and welcome the convening of the 20th CPC National Congress with excellent development performance.


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