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[SMM Metal Morning ginseng] Metal rose generally last Friday | the central bank announced a comprehensive reserve reduction | Today's metal trend analysis

iconApr 18, 2022 05:00

Announcement: under the epidemic situation of home and office, the normal development of SMM business will be delayed.

Minutes of SMM Morning meeting: tin prices rebounded during the week and spot tin prices remain stable

On the supply side, according to SMM research, it is known that the weekly operating rate of refining tin in Yunnan and Jiangxi provinces has remained stable, showing a slight increase compared with last week. Some refineries in Guangxi have completed maintenance and started ignition last week, and products are expected to be produced later this month. The raw material end is still disturbed by the Burmese epidemic, according to market sources, in some areas. "View details

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Crude oil: international crude oil bears left sharply overnight, with Brent crude oil piercing $110 a barrel, the highest level since the end of March. On Friday, most varieties of crude oil were boosted again. The main contract of SC crude oil rose 3.87% to close at 690.2 yuan, the main contract for high-sulfur fuel oil rose 3.98% to close at 4208 yuan, the main contract for low-sulfur fuel oil soared 4.88% to close at 5396 yuan, and the main contract for LPG rose 2.58% to 6252 yuan.

On the dollar side: the euro hit a two-year low against the dollar on Thursday after ECB President Christine Lagarde's comments were seen as a sign that she was in no hurry to raise interest rates, in stark contrast to the Federal Reserve's efforts to aggressively tighten monetary policy.

April 18 macro data: focus on China's total GDP in the first quarter, the annual rate of industrial value added in China in March, and the NAHB real estate market index in the United States in April.

Metal futures:

On April 15, by the day's close, the metal in the inner market was up, while only Shanghai zinc and tin fell slightly. Shanghai zinc almost closed flat, down 0.05%; Shanghai tin fell 0.19%; Shanghai nickel closed up 3.8%, Shanghai aluminum rose more than 2%, and Shanghai copper rose more than 1%. Black rose across the board, of which iron ore rose 2.87%, thread, coke and thermal coal all rose by more than 1%, and hot rolled and coking coal rose by more than 0.8%.

In night trading, metals rose, of which Shanghai nickel closed up 2.42%, Shanghai lead closed up 1.39%, Shanghai copper rose 0.44%, Shanghai tin fell more than 1%, and Shanghai zinc closed down 0.96%.

Black series, only thermal coal, iron ore floating red, closed up 1%, 0.55% respectively. Coking coal fell nearly 2%, stainless steel fell 0.43%, and hot rolling fell 0.12%.

Metal in the inner market rose more than 2% in Shanghai and nickel generally fell back in black [Friday night trading]

LME metal, off the market. Due to the good Friday and Easter holidays from April 15 (Friday) to April 18 (Monday), some financial markets around the world are closed, specifically: the London Metal Exchange (LME) is closed from Friday, April 15 to Monday, April 18. Us stocks will be closed from April 15 (this Friday) to April 17 (this Sunday), April 18. "View details

Some financial markets around the world are closed because of good Friday and Easter holidays

Precious metals, on Friday, precious metals fluctuated in a narrow range, with Shanghai Gold rising 0.19% and Shanghai Silver down 0.13%. On the one hand, under the expectation of accelerated tightening by the Federal Reserve, stronger US dollar and US bond yields have suppressed gold and silver. On the other hand, gold and silver are still supported by safe-haven demand caused by the crisis in Ukraine and rising inflation.

As of 12:01 on April 17, April 15, closing at night:

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April 14 LME basic metal warehousing total inventory (in tons)

April 14 LME basic Metals Registration and cancellation of Warehouse receipts (in tons)

[official announcement: the central bank announced a comprehensive cut in reserve requirements to release 530 billion! The people's Bank of China issued a notice saying that in order to support the development of the real economy and promote a steady decline in comprehensive financing costs, the people's Bank of China decided to lower the deposit reserve ratio of financial institutions by 0.25 percentage points on April 25, 2022 (excluding financial institutions that have implemented the deposit reserve ratio of 5%). In order to increase the right to. "View details

[SMM practical Information: a list of Metal fundamentals this week] as of Friday, copper inventories in the mainstream of SMM increased by 4000 tons to 139300 tons from Monday, slightly down 1000 tons from last Friday, and fell again after only a week of increase. Compared with the change in inventory on Monday, inventory in all parts of the country fell only in Shanghai, and in most other areas. "View details

[the latest investigation of SMM: the latest Progress of the Metal Industry under the epidemic (as of April 15)] the epidemic situation in Ningbo is relatively serious, and precise control has a certain impact on the production and operation of large local copper bars, mainly because order delivery is greatly affected, making it difficult to ship goods to Shanghai, Jiangsu and other consumer areas; under the epidemic, the demand for downstream terminals such as cars, hardware, sanitary ware, and real estate is restrained, affecting the orders of copper bar enterprises. According to the industry, the order in March. "View details

[SMM analysis: LME copper inventory continues to pick up and the proportion of written-off warehouse receipts has fallen] over the past month, LME copper inventory has shown a rapid increase. As of April 14, Lun copper stocks had accumulated to 110700 tons, an increase of 9.3 per cent over April 7 and 41.9 per cent over March 14. Last week, the proportion of registered warehouse receipts rebounded and the proportion of written-off warehouse receipts fell. LME copper stock... "View details

[SMM analysis: copper concentrate imports continue to maintain a high level in March TC breaks through the 80-round mark] China's copper concentrate imports in March were 2.184 million physical tons, slightly exceeding expectations. The main reason is that TC continues to move higher and lower, as well as active purchases on the smelter director's order and zero order market, allowing imports. "View details

[SMM Weekly Survey: scrap Copper Purchasing and delivery situation improved scrap Copper Pole Enterprise production and willingness to resume production] according to SMM survey data, last week (April 11-April 15) the operating rate of scrap copper rod enterprises was 47.4%, up 5.71% from the previous month, a significant increase, mainly due to the voice of the high level of the government, to ensure the smooth logistics and transportation, the overall procurement, transportation and shipping has been improved, superimposed scrap copper rod. "View details

[SMM analysis: copper prices rise rapidly under the low level of domestic electrolytic copper inventory.] the US CPI and PPI data soared in March, the highest in nearly 40 years, highlighting the continued growth of inflationary pressure. The market expects the Federal Reserve to accelerate the pace of interest rate hikes, may begin to shrink the table in May, and the 10-year Treasury yield hit a recent high, so the dollar index. "View details

[dynamic tracking of the SMM industry: the control of the epidemic is not over and it is difficult to see an improvement in copper consumption downstream in the face of a sharp rise in copper prices.] the control of the epidemic continues, but it is heard that part of the supply of electrolytic copper in Shanghai has flowed out of the market last week. Has the shortage of raw materials of copper rod enterprises been alleviated? Copper prices rose sharply at the end of the week, how does consumption perform? Last week, SMM investigated the fine copper rod enterprises in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Anhui provinces, and... "View details

[SMM copper downstream weekly survey: the shortage of raw material inventory has slightly improved. This week, the operating rate of refined copper rods rebounded] last week, SMM surveyed the production and sales of major copper rod enterprises in China. Overall, the operating rate was about 50.93%, up 8.78 percentage points from the week before. From the perspective of research. "check the details.

[SMM analysis: impact of Shanxi epidemic prevention and control measures on local alumina production] from the perspective of ore procurement, according to SMM research, local alumina plants in Shanxi that use domestic ores are mainly transported by cars, but at present, automobile transportation is very tight, and some transportation costs have increased by 20% and 30%. "View details

[SMM Weekly Review: transportation of bauxite is limited waiting for successful anti-epidemic market to return to stability] in terms of domestic mines, the impact of the epidemic is greater, the allocation of manpower in mining and the transportation of finished mines have been restricted to varying degrees, it is difficult for ore to transport across provinces, and the transportation between prefecture-level cities is also affected by local epidemic prevention policies. According to SMM, the ore stocks of some Shanxi manufacturers. "View details

SMM analysis: does the price of pre-baked anode keep up with the rising profits of the industry? Since January this year, domestic prebaked anodes have risen unilaterally, and the spot price of prebaked anodes has also reached an all-time high. as of April, the benchmark price of a large aluminum plant in Shandong Province in April increased by 850 yuan / ton from the previous month, and the cash exchange benchmark price reached 6585 yuan / ton, compared with the same period last year.... "View details

[SMM Aluminum Accessories Weekly Review: epidemic transportation restrictions ease the stable operation of the prebaked anode market] at the raw material end, the price of petroleum coke was adjusted back last week, but the supply situation became more and more tight, with the addition of United Petrochemical and Haiyou Petrochemical for the overhaul of coking units in local refineries, and other refineries failed to produce at full capacity. Up to now, the price of 5625 yuan / ton quoted by SMM petroleum coke is higher than that of... "View details

[SMM analysis: aluminum price rebound by macro-driven aluminum market supply recovery is strong but consumption is still weak] after a wave of decline, Shanghai Aluminum recorded three consecutive rises. as of today's close, Shanghai Aluminum rose 2.29% to 21850 yuan / ton. According to SMM analysis, this round of Shanghai Aluminum is higher, mainly boosted by macro downgrade news. SMM believes that, on the whole, the domestic social inventory of aluminum ingots this week. "View details

[SMM survey: the weekly operating rate of lead-acid batteries will not change at the end of the holiday season.] according to SMM research, the weekly comprehensive operating rate of lead-acid battery enterprises in the five provinces of SMM last week (April 9-April 15) was 63.46%, up from April 8. "View details

[SMM recycled lead survey: raw materials still affect the start-up rate of recycled lead in four places continues to decline] according to SMM research, last week (April 9-April 15) SMM recycled lead smelting enterprises opened 31.67% per week in four provinces, down from last week. "View details

[SMM analysis: off-season background gradually thickening lead price or re-pressure] looking to the future, in the second quarter of 2022, the traditional off-season of domestic lead consumption is still the background of market trading, but it does not rule out the boost from the release of travel demand after the early recovery of the epidemic. In terms of supply, the output of primary lead and recycled lead in April. "View details

SMM investigation: the overall production of the electrolytic lead smelter is relatively stable. According to SMM research, last week (April 9 to April 15) SMM primary lead smelter weekly operating rate of 55.59%, last week primary lead smelter operating rate is higher than the previous week. "View details

[SMM analysis: the epidemic situation "combined fist" hit zinc oxide enterprises with a heavy blow to maintain only half of the operating rate.] the zinc oxide transaction price last week was in the range of 26000-26400 yuan / ton. According to SMM, the operating rate of zinc oxide was 50.6% last week, up from the week before. "View details

[SMM research: weak domestic consumption of galvanized sheet continues to pay attention to export] North China has 35% of China's galvanized sheet production, and occupies a large domestic share of galvanized sheet export. according to SMM, the overall export order performance of the enterprise is OK, overseas is subject to the high cost of all sides, under the current low price, the export order profit is higher, but subject to …... "View details

[SMM research: the galvanizing start was lowered again during the week and the contradiction of the enterprise has shifted] Last week, the galvanizing start weakened again. Some large factories downstream have prepared stores considering the impact of the late epidemic, while other enterprises basically maintain rigid demand to buy. Changes in the epidemic during the week still affect the hearts of enterprises, transportation all over the country. "View details

[SMM analysis: the weekly operating rate of refined tin in Yunnan and Jiangxi provinces rose slightly compared with the previous week.] the total operating rate of the two provinces rose slightly last week, driven by a stable rebound in Yunnan and Jiangxi. Considering that the factors affecting the production level of the smelter are relatively small in the near future, the comprehensive operating rate is expected this week. "View details

[SMM analysis: tight supply of pure nickel supports nickel prices rising more than 4% in Shanghai.] according to SMM analysis, the supply side of nickel prices has a large internal and external price gap and sustained losses on imports, and the customs clearance volume of imported refined nickel is worrying. Secondly, the epidemic makes it difficult to pick up inventory in the southern market, and high freight costs deter downstream manufacturers, resulting in a reduction in production of superimposed domestic nickel plates. "View details

[pure nickel inventory in the bonded area: import profits remain upside down, and the epidemic in Shanghai has not alleviated the bonded area inventory.] Lunni continued to maintain a volatile trend last week, although Shanghai nickel maintained a strong trend this week, but imports maintained a loss. This week, the Shanghai Free Trade Zone 8200 tons, nickel beans and nickel plate inventory is 2900, 5300 tons, respectively, the overall level compared with last week. Inventory in Shanghai Free Trade Zone. "View details

Stainless steel weekly review: epidemic spread logistics is blocked, supply and demand are weak or weak? Cost side: last week, the price of scrap stainless steel rebounded slightly compared with the week before last week. On the one hand, the price of stainless steel fell more because the market sentiment was affected by the sudden epidemic in Foshan last week, while after the mood gradually digested, the price of scrap stainless steel rebounded, and scrap stainless steel rose. On the other hand, at present, nickel raw materials are generally scarce, while scrap stainless steel due to …... "View details

[chromite Weekly Review: floods in South Africa affect the strong operation of export chrome ore prices] Last week, chrome ore prices continued to remain strong. The price of 40-42% chromium concentrate in South Africa rose to 44-46 yuan / tonnage, and the bullish attitude of miners continued. "View details

[SMM Weekly Review: ferrochrome strong cost support demand weakening price stability] Last week, the price of high-carbon ferrochromium continued to remain strong, with a strong cost support, rising 100 yuan / 50 tonnage compared with the previous Friday. The central environmental protection inspection team stationed in Wulanchabu area of Inner Mongolia, individual iron mills take the initiative to stop, reduce production and maintenance, the operating rate has been affected to a certain extent, it is estimated that …... "View details

[the epidemic has ravaged many car companies to stop production and demand for light cobalt and lithium prices] according to data from the China Automobile Association, in March 2022, China's production and sales of new energy vehicles reached 465000 and 484000, an increase of 115% and 114% respectively over the same period last year and a month-on-month increase of 25% and 44% for the first time this year. But recently, the epidemic continues to wreak havoc all over the country, which has an impact on the new energy industry chain. Car enterprises, the whole car factory are facing the difficulty of shortage of parts, one after another. "View details

[SMM lithium monthly feature: lithium salt production has increased sharply in March, followed by a reversal of supply and demand] in March, the average monthly price of battery-grade lithium carbonate was 499087 yuan / ton, an increase of 18% compared with the previous month. In March, the average monthly price of battery-grade lithium hydroxide was 477239 yuan / ton, up 33% from the previous month. Supply and demand structure of battery-grade lithium carbonate: the supply and demand of electric carbon increased significantly in March. "View details

[SMM Analysis: $5.9 billion! "Ning Wang" overseas smashed a lithium industry chain? Recently, Ningde Times, the global power battery leader, announced that Puqin Times, a subsidiary of Guangdong Bangpu, plans to invest in the construction of a power battery industry chain project in India, your West Asia. According to the agreement, Puqin will jointly invest in the construction of power battery industry chain projects with partners PT Aneka Tambang Tbk. (referred to as ANTAM) and PT Industri Baterai Indonesia (referred to as IBI) in the FHT Industrial Park in Frozen Hamahera County, North Maluku Province, India, and other related industrial parks in Indonesia. The main contents include... "View details

[SMM analysis: the impact of the epidemic on cobalt demand continues to weaken, costs rise and smelters carry weight] on the supply side, in March, the arrival of intermediate products in Hong Kong eased, and the output should have increased, but in late March, affected by the epidemic, large factories reduced production, superimposed unstable lithium and nickel prices led to weaker demand for cobalt salts downstream, so even if. "View details

[SMM Hot focus: GM and Glencore work together to ensure that cobalt supply car brands join the "ore war") General Motors, the US carmaker, signed a supply agreement with Glencore, the world's largest cobalt producer, to provide cobalt, a key battery metal material for GM's Ultium batteries. This agreement locks cobalt products processed by Glencore's Murrin Murrin project in Australia, which will be shipped to... "View details

[SMM Steel Industry chain Weekly report: macro good stimulation & epidemic continues to ferment steel price wide range shock] Last week, steel prices fluctuated widely. although the epidemic still had a great impact, on the one hand, domestic macro stimulus, social integration, M2 and new RMB loans were all higher than expected, on the other hand, the cost was strongly supported, and the main contract of the snail was suppressed at first and then rose this week. From the macro point of view, the people's Bank of China decided to lower the deposit reserve ratio of financial institutions by 0.25 percentage points on April 25, 2022. "View details

[SMM silicon steel analysis: supply chain tension affecting silicon steel short-term demand epidemic is expected to usher in a recovery] last week, silicon steel market silicon steel prices are stable, the demand side is also relatively stable. Affected by this round of epidemic, poor logistics has led to a slow change in the capital flow of many small and medium-sized enterprises downstream. In the case of poor export orders, it further increases the financial difficulties of downstream small and medium-sized enterprises, which in turn leads to a decline in their willingness to purchase and demand. "View details

[SMM investigation: the domestic epidemic has led to a reduction in the production of 32 blast furnaces] according to the SMM survey, as of April 15, a total of 32 blast furnaces in China have been affected by the epidemic, of which 15 have resumed production and restored an average daily output of 57000 tons of hot metal, while 17 are still in a state of shutdown, with an average daily impact of 60300 tons of hot metal. Last week (April 9-April 15) SMM statistics, Shanxi Gaoyi 2, Shanxi Xingbao 1. "View details

In-depth analysis of SMM coke market: the market is optimistic that the possibility of the sixth round increase in coke prices still exists? According to SMM research, coke oven start-up continued to decline last week, from 75.1% to 72.8%, coke inventory in coke enterprises continued to accumulate as a result of blocked shipments; the arrival situation of steel mills was still poor. According to SMM statistics, the operating rate of blast furnace last week was 82.4%, an increase of 0.5% compared with the previous week, and the demand for coke from steel mills. "View details

In-depth analysis of SMM coke market: how is the recovery of repeated coke transportation in the epidemic? Last week, the epidemic situation in Shanxi was repeated, most areas were in a state of strict control, logistics and transportation had not been effectively alleviated, and coke shipments from coke enterprises and coke delivery from steel mills were blocked to varying degrees. "check details

[SMM comment: rare earth prices stop falling and purchase demand rises slightly] due to the decline in the market of mainstream rare earth products from March to mid-April, due to the cash flow pressure of enterprises and the mood of buying up and not buying down, raw material inventories of upstream and downstream separation enterprises, metal enterprises and magnetic materials enterprises in the rare earth industry have been maintained at a low level. In addition to light rare earth ore separation enterprises, upstream waste separation enterprises and …... "View details

SMM investigation: what do all parties of silicon and manganese think under the condition of epidemic "suppressing" demand? Recently, the spot trading atmosphere of all parties to silicon and manganese is weak, and there are different opinions in the market. SMM conducted research on more than 60 domestic silicon and manganese enterprises, traders and steel mills. The survey results show that: for the future price of silicon and manganese, the overall market is bullish for the majority. 76% of the industry believes that the price of silicon and manganese will rise slightly. The main reason is that cost-side prices are firmly high and short-term demand is "sealed" by the epidemic. "check the details

[SMM Weekly Review: Silicon holder quotation stabilizes downstream mentality improves transaction recovery] Metallurgical grade metal performance became weak and stabilized during the week, while chemical grade silicon fell slightly. The oxygen-free silicon in East China is 19100-19300 yuan / ton, down 100 yuan / ton compared with the previous week, and 20200-20400 yuan / ton in oxygen-ventilated silicon. The performance of the metallurgical grade silicon market. "View details

[SMM spot Weekly Review: indium price fluctuates greatly under the influence of speculative forces] Last week, the market indium price first rose and then fell, and the fluctuation amplitude was even more than 100 yuan per kilogram. Many market participants believe that under the influence of sufficient market supply, general demand, coupled with the epidemic and other factors, such a departure from fundamental price fluctuations is inseparable from the speculation of speculative forces, so …... "View details

[SMM Bismuth spot Weekly Review: bismuth Price weakens] Last week, the bismuth market price weakened, the market sellers' willingness to ship goods was still strong, and the actual demand was still weak. Although the market transaction situation is not abnormal, the trading volume is far from reaching the normal level. This is also because the epidemic affects transportation in many terminal areas, resulting in. "View details

[SMM spot Weekly Review: antimony prices are stable but the risk of short-term price decline increases] although antimony prices were stable last week, the recent downward pressure on antimony prices has significantly increased. Due to the impact of the epidemic on transportation in many terminal areas, market trading activity has significantly decreased, whether antimony ingots or antimony oxide sellers have significantly increased shipping efforts, shipping difficulties have increased, and with the Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta and some northern regions. "View details

[SMM analysis: silver downstream worry about transportation exceeds silver price growth] nitric acid banking: silver nitrate price rise closely follows silver, silver nitrate price rose from 3281 yuan / kg to 3367 yuan / kg last week, the price rose 2.6%. Due to the sudden rise in silver prices on Thursday morning, some manufacturers hung upside down and suspended external quotations and returned to normal in the afternoon. Due to the transportation and storage of silver nitrate and. "View details

[the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology conveys the spirit of the special meeting of the State Council to implement the work of ensuring the smooth flow of logistics and the stability of the industrial chain supply chain] the meeting stressed that it is necessary to unify thinking and action with the decision-making and deployment of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, and adhere to the general tone of the work of striving for progress in the midst of stability. we will make overall efforts to promote epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development, and spare no effort to do a good job in accurate epidemic prevention and control, ensuring the smooth flow of logistics, and stabilizing the supply chain of the industrial chain. Many measures should be taken to ensure the protection. "View details

[large complete sets of mining equipment officially entered the Limilado Copper Mine] on April 2, Ecuador local time, the opening ceremony of large complete sets of mining equipment was held on the 1230m mining platform of Milado Copper Mine of Tongling Nonferrous Group. Brand-new hydraulic shovels and mining dump trucks are lined up neatly in ribbons. The mining and separation engineering design unit, mining and stripping project contractor, large equipment supplier and …... "View details

[analyst: Chilean copper production is stagnant and the world's number one copper producer may change ownership.] Chile is currently the world's largest copper producer, accounting for nearly 1 percent of the world's supply. According to the data, Chilean copper production in January was 425700 tons, down 7.5 per cent from a year earlier and the lowest level in 11 years. The Chilean National Copper Commission (Cochilco) gave reasons for the sharp decline in production capacity, including... "View details

[Shunbo Alloy: Guangdong Shunbo Alloy, a wholly-owned subsidiary, fully resumed production on April 16] Shunbo Alloy announced that due to the impact of a production safety accident at Jingmei Company in Qingyuan City, Guangdong Province, the company's wholly-owned subsidiary Guangdong Shunbo Aluminum Alloy Co., Ltd. temporarily suspended production in the evening of April 4 in accordance with the requirements of the local government. A few days ago, Guangdong Shunbo has been under the guidance of the local government department. "View details

[Tianshan Aluminum: the production of 35000 tons of high purity aluminum alumina this year is expected to be delayed due to the epidemic.] on April 15, at the 2021 performance meeting of Tianshan Aluminum (000877.SZ), the pace of capacity expansion and follow-up planning were also the most discussed topics. Deputy general manager Li Ya responded that there are three new profit growth points this year. "Alumina production will increase with the commissioning of Jingxi Tiangui Phase II and III project; high purity aluminum is expected to produce this year."... "check the details.

The data released by LME show that the LME zinc cancellation warehouse receipt has recently fallen to a high of 69675 tons, accounting for 60.27% of the total. The registered warehouse receipt maintained stability at a low level and remained flat at 45925 tons for many days in a row. The recent elimination of LME zinc inventory is relatively smooth, registration warehouse receipt. "View details

[Changzhou Lithium Source released a new spherical lithium iron phosphate product "Iron Lithium No. 1"] Lithium batteries are the "heart" of new energy vehicles, while cathode materials are the core materials in lithium batteries for new energy vehicles, accounting for more than 50% of the total battery cost. it is mainly divided into two types: lithium iron phosphate cathode materials and ternary cathode materials. Lithium iron phosphate cathode material due to. "View details

The net profit of Baotou Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. increased by 606.09% in 2021 compared with the same period last year. Baotou Steel recently released its annual report for 2021. Data show that Baotou Steel's operating income in 2021 reached 86.183 billion yuan, an increase of 45.42 percent over the same period last year, and the net profit of shareholders belonging to listed companies reached 2.866 billion yuan, an increase of 606.09 percent over the same period last year. The rate of increase is the highest in the annual report. "View details

Chifeng Gold: the rare earth resources of the Saipan Mine in Laos are still in the early stage of exploration. Chifeng Gold replied to investors that during the exploration of rare earth resources in the Saipan Mine in Laos, professional guidance and advice were obtained from industry experts and rare earth enterprises. at present, the exploration area is mainly in the south of the mining area, which is still in exploration. "View details

[Gazprom: Russian natural gas exports fall to their lowest level in three months] since April, Gazprom's average daily exports to major foreign buyers fell to its lowest level in three months due to warmer weather and falling prices in the natural gas market. Gazprom said on Friday (April 15) that according to preliminary statistics, since. "View details

Terminal information

Affected by the epidemic, SAIC carried out closed-loop production at its Shanghai plant in mid-late March, and some factories shut down in April. It is understood that SAIC will launch the stress test of resuming work and production on April 18. "View details

On April 15, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology held a special meeting to convey the spirit of the special meeting held by Vice Premier Liu he to ensure the smooth flow of logistics and the stability of the industrial chain supply chain, and to study and implement work measures. On the same day, the Ministry of Transport stressed at the relevant meeting that it is necessary to make overall arrangements and go all out to do a good job in ensuring smooth logistics. The people's Bank of China also held a meeting on the same day to convey the spirit of the special meeting of the State Council and study. "View details

[the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology sent a working group to Shanghai to concentrate resources and give priority to ensuring the resumption of work and production of 666 enterprises in key industries such as integrated circuit and automobile manufacturing] the epidemic situation in Shanghai is grim, and the production and operation of enterprises and logistics and transportation are under tremendous pressure. According to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, in accordance with the deployment of the joint prevention and control mechanism of the State Council, the party group of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology recently dispatched a Shanghai front working group to work with relevant departments in Shanghai to ensure the supply of medical materials and promote stable production and resumption of production in key industrial enterprises. "View details

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued the 2022 work Plan of the Special working Group on the Industrial Internet, proposing to continuously improve the construction of the big data Center of the National Industrial Internet, coordinate the construction of regional and industry sub-centers, create an upgraded version of the "5G + Industrial Internet", and speed up the construction of 5G fully connected factories. "View details

[Asia's largest single-unit capacity wind power project starts to boost clean energy development] recently (April 8), the construction of offshore wind power tower equipment off the coast of Pingtan in the three Gorges has been officially launched, marking the full launch of this wind power project with the largest unit capacity in Asia. The three Gorges Pingtan offshore wind power project is located in the Pingtan sea area south of the offshore wind farm area A project in Changle District, Fuzhou City, Fujian Province. the total planned installed capacity of the project is 100MW, with a total of 11 wind turbines, including 1. "View details

[Sanhua Smart Control: some domestic orders in the new energy business have been suspended without major changes in the customer structure] affected by the epidemic, many new energy vehicle companies have stopped production or are facing suspension of production. In response to the impact of the suspension of production by car companies on the company's new energy business, Hu Kaicheng said, "it is true that some orders have been suspended due to the epidemic, but the demand is still there, and orders will resume soon once the epidemic is over." Zhang Yabo, chairman of the company, further said, "in the short term, the epidemic has no great impact on our production, the supply chain is basically stable, and 50% of the company's business comes from." "View details

[perspective semiconductor plate Q1 performance forecast: as a whole is expected to exceed expectations of the three main lines are not afraid of economic differentiation] in sharp contrast to the market trend, the plate showed a bright quarterly forecast. According to statistics, as of press time, 20 A-share semiconductor companies have issued Q1 performance forecasts: 9 companies have forecast revenue, of which 6 companies have increased by more than 40% compared with the same period last year, 18 companies have forecast net profit, of which 13 companies have increased by more than …... "View details

[the rise of N-type efficient components! At present, it seems that the project technical route of various central state-owned enterprises is rapidly developing to high efficiency. It is more and more obvious that N-type double-sided, especially N-type Topcon double-sided will become the mainstream high-efficiency battery technology, and it is also the most new technology type adopted by enterprises at present, which benefits from its ability to improve components without increasing too much cost. "View details

[Shenzhen Gas signing John Yu Pharmaceutical 600 kilowatt distributed Photovoltaic Project] it is reported that the project is located in the core area of Shenzhen Pingshan Biopharmaceutical Industrial Park, which is one of the bioindustrial bases approved by the National Development and Reform Commission. The project makes full use of the roof of the Pingshan complex of Hanyu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., using 1112 540Wp single crystal battery modules. "View details

[parts shortage Stellantis Russian truck factory temporarily suspended production] according to reports, Eric Laforge, head of Stellantis's European light commercial vehicle division, said that the company had stopped production at its Russian truck plant because of a shortage of parts. Stellantis runs a truck factory with Mitsubishi in Kaluga, 180km southwest of Mexico, for Citroen, Opel and Peugeot. "View details

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