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[SMM Today's important News] Nonferrous iron ore tumbles 6% * under the influence of floods in Henan Province, there is no obvious accumulation in Gongyi * Lithium electricity plate continues to be active.
Jul 22,2021 13:23CST
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Today's focus

SMM afternoon Review] demand-side Mengyin iron ore tumbles 6%, non-ferrous metals rise and fall differently

Iron ore fell by more than 6% in intraday trading and gave up this month's increase for 2 days in a row.

The price of lithium carbonate has risen for the first time in 3 months. The lithium battery plate continues to be active. Jiangte Motor wins two consecutive plates.

Jiaozuo Wanfang: production has been partially restored and some electrolytic cells affected by the flood have been cut off for too long to restart in time.

Henan Aluminum Plant stopped production and superimposed two batches of dumping, storage and landing of Shanghai aluminum rebounded slightly.

[SMM data] the weekly inventory of domestic electrolytic aluminum has been reduced by 23000 tons to 809000 tons.

SMM Daily Review

[Foshan stainless Steel Daily Review] short-term spot quotation is stable and the market is calm.

SMM Electrolytic Manganese Daily Review] Manganese prices continue to rise by more than 20, 000 spot prices.

[SMM Daily Review] praseodymium and neodymium prices callback terbium and dysprosium continue to rise

Mr. SMM spot KuaiBao

[SMM metal spot quotation] Nickel rose 800yuan / ton tin fell 750yuan / ton rare earth price fell

[SMM price] the discount on the rise of copper cash in Shanghai market on July 22nd (the third period)

[SMM afternoon Review] South China Aluminum: the price of aluminum on the ground dropped slightly and the deal was mediocre among traders.

Recycled lead: lead rose for two consecutive trading days and spot transactions are becoming lighter and lighter than before. [SMM afternoon Review] recycled lead: lead rose for two consecutive days.

[SMM lead afternoon Review] lead market situation in other regions KuaiBao: spot lead prices rise again, spot market discount expands light trading of bulk orders

SMM afternoon Review: Shanghai Zinc: after the arrival of imported zinc, the market quotation increased and the transaction was still flat.

Ningbo Zinc: import arrival increases domestic zinc ingot trading volume is weak

SMM afternoon Review: Tianjin Zinc: some downstream waiting for the receiving country to store zinc ingots, the overall market transaction is mediocre.

SMM afternoon Review: Guangdong Zinc: downstream Purchasing shows caution and spot Water goes up and Down again

Hu [SMM afternoon Review] there is nothing to say about the spot market of narrow Zhendan position reduction in Shanghai and tin.

SMM Conferencin

Invitation letter for the sixth supply and demand Trade Summit of Electrical Materials

2021 China Electrical Industry supply and demand Trading Strategy Summit

The 11th Summit of recycled lead Battery Industry

The 4th China International Hot-dip galvanizing Technology and Market Application Development Forum invites you to gather in Tianjin!

The 9th Green Zinc Salt and Zinc oxide Industry Summit Forum

Li 2021 Zinc Die casting Industry chain Summit Forum

The 11th Tin Industry chain Trading Summit invites you to explore the trend of Xi City!

2021 China rare Earth permanent Magnet Industry Market Development Forum

The third China Automotive New Materials Application Summit Forum 2021

What are the development opportunities of the small metal industry under the goal of "carbon peak, carbon neutralization" under the 2021 small metal industry summit?

Notice of 2021 China International Silver Industry chain Summit Forum and China Silver Market Application Symposium

Industrial trends

National Electroweb: torrential rains affect more than 980000 households in Henan Province

BHP Billiton signs nickel supply agreement with Tesla

Li directly hit Henan aluminum enterprises in the front line of flood fighting and flood control.

The research progress of rare earth elements in Geomega is good.

The annual gold output of the Khatthiya gold mine in Newcrest exceeded expectations.

Peruvian President Castillo is about to take office and hopes to maintain dialogue with him.

Li [7.22 Lithium Express] AVIC Lithium said it had not been sued for infringement by the Ningde era * Guotai Junan: lithium prices rose to the front high in the second round.

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