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Azure Minerals: accelerates exploration plans for Andover Ni-Cu project
Jan 14,2021 15:45CST
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It has been reported recently that, Azure Minerals has resumed drilling for its Andover nickel-copper project in Western Australia, an accelerated program designed to determine the extent of nickel-copper mineralization and consolidate resources.

The transition from exploration to intensive drilling of 30000 m with three rigs will be carried out to define the range of VC-07 mineralized rock mass and to estimate JORC resources for the first time combined with filling drilling. Initial drilling will focus on the direction of mineralization, updip and downdip range, followed by close filling drilling to assess internal continuity and variability.

The rigs will also be used to test 12 individual electromagnetic conductor anomalies, including the expected VC-23 conductor first drilled by resource-focused investment tool Creasy Group in 2018. The exercise intersected nickel-copper mineralization and returned the best analysis of 2m with 2.1% nickel and 0.44% copper from 15m downhole; from 22m, 0.45% for nickel and 6m for 0.39% copper; from 34m, 0.31% for nickel and 6m for 0.55% copper. In July, Azure acquired a 60 per cent stake in the famous prospector Mark Creasy from long-standing achievements that have demonstrated the potential economic class and breadth.

VC-07 is interpreted as a continuum representing a bedrock bedded sulphide deposit, extending to a length of 1050m in the east-west direction. The downhole electromagnetic survey shows that the mineralization zone is inclined 80 degrees to the north, the downdip depth is more than 200m, and remains open in the depths.

Tony Rovira, managing director of Azure, said these areas highlight the potential for a large number of discoveries in the area. "We believe there is great potential to define a major nickel-copper-sulphide deposit in Andover," he said. Although most of our planned drilling efforts will focus on VC-07 conductors, the Andover (Andover) mine is a target-rich environment for further discovery of nickel and copper. The company still has enough capital and $37 million in cash on hand to carry out exploration and resource definition plans. "

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