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China issues white paper on energy, to adopt security strategy

iconDec 21, 2020 16:39
China has adopted a new energy security strategy, vowing to promote reforms in energy supply and consumption, market building and innovation while strengthening international cooperation, according to a white paper released Monday

SHANGHAI, Dec 21 (SMM) — China on Monday released a white paper on the country's energy development.

The white paper, titled "Energy in China's New Era," was released by the State Council Information Office to provide a full picture of the country's achievements in energy development and major policies and measures for energy reform.

Today, China has become the world's largest energy producer and consumer and its transition to efficient energy utilization has been the fastest in the world, says the document.

China has been working on all fronts to reform the ways energy is consumed, to build a clean and diversified energy supply system, to implement an innovation-driven energy strategy, to further the reform of the energy system, and to enhance international energy cooperation, it says.

The main body of the white paper was divided into seven sections: developing high-quality energy in the new era, historic achievements in energy development, an all-round effort to reform energy consumption, building a clean and diversified energy supply system, leveraging the role of innovation as the primary driver of development, deeper reform of the energy system in all areas, strengthening international energy cooperation across the board.

The country has been improving the top-level design for energy policies relating to scientific and technological innovation, and making strategic plans for sci-tech development of the resources and energy industry till 2035, says the white paper.

China has created a number of high-standard platforms for technological innovation in the field, including more than 40 key national laboratories and a group of national engineering research centers that focus on research into technologies for safe, green and intelligent coal mining, highly efficient use of renewable energy, energy storage, and decentralized energy systems, the white paper says.

It has also built more than 80 national energy research and development centers and key national energy laboratories for research in the key areas of coal, oil, natural gas, coal-fired power, nuclear power, renewable energy and energy equipment, all of which cover the vital and frontier areas of energy innovation.

The country has implemented major scientific and technological initiatives and projects in the sector, planning or carrying out research into fields including new energy vehicles, smart grid as well as clean and efficient use of coal and new energy-saving technology, the white paper says.

It has also accelerated the upgrading of conventional energy technologies and equipment, while supporting new business forms and models in this sector, it says.

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