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Chongqing to implement safety measures on coal mines

iconDec 15, 2020 09:25
Chongqing is stepping up precautionary measures in response to increased fatal accidents at coal mines.

SHANGHAI, Dec 15 (SMM) – Chongqing is stepping up precautionary measures in response to increased fatal accidents at coal mines.

Chongqing has formed a work committee and formulated "Ten Measures for the Safety Management of Coal Mine Shutdown" (hereinafter referred to as "Measures"), in accordance with the work requirements from the State Coal Supervision Bureau and the State Council.

The "Measures" require that all coal mines in the city stop all underground operations except for ventilation, drainage, gas inspection, safety monitoring system maintenance and other daily security operations.

Areas with serious safety threats must be sealed in a timely manner according to regulations. Also, the coal mine leader must strictly implement a shift system for workers. All shafts must be temporarily or permanently sealed before stopping the main ventilator, so as to prevent unauthorised entry of the poorly ventilated underground tunnels.

The authorities  have formulated a "one mine, one policy" shutdown safety guarantee work plan to avoid solo workers underground, and ensure the safety of daily security operations such as underground ventilation, drainage, gas inspection and safety monitoring system maintenance.

The coal mine safety guarantee work plan and measures shall be reviewed by the district and county coal mine safety supervision department in conjunction with the local coal mine safety supervision branch and strictly implemented.  The date of implementation of the Measures is yet to be confirmed, according to local reports.

At least 23 workers in southwest China have been killed after being trapped underground in a coal mine in the city of Chongqing recently.  The latest incident is the region’s second such accident in just two months, according to local media reports.


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