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[SMM brief Review] lacking good news, spot quotations for rare earths have been lowered one after another in the doldrums.
Sep 27,2020 17:01CST
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SMM9, March 27: recently, there has been a large fluctuation in the capital market, which has been transmitted to the rare earth plate. This week, the rare earth permanent magnet plate fell further. As of Friday's close, the rare earth permanent magnet plate index was at 1240.92 points, down 1.43%, and the turnover rate was 0.96%.

In the plate, Ke Liyuan, ST Chuangxing, Xiamen tungsten industry, Zhongke Sanhuan and so on rose at the top, while Zhenghai Magnetic, Galaxy Magnet, Weihua shares and Dragon Magnetic Technology fell at the front.

Throughout the domestic rare earth market, the trend of the downturn continued this week, light rare earths and medium and heavy rare earths are all under pressure, prices are down, trading has not improved.

Light rare earths, this week praseodymium neodymium oxide demand and transactions are not prosperous, prices still showed a slight decline. At present, metal factories are purchasing according to the single rigid demand, even in the wait-and-see mood, there will be delayed procurement behavior, the price is under serious pressure. Praseodymium-neodymium metal faces the same problem, the recent recovery of foreign trade orders for downstream magnetic materials is still not obvious, domestic order problems, in the falling price market on-demand procurement, transaction hesitation.

In terms of medium and heavy rare earths, the prices of products such as terbium, gadolinium and holmium have fallen to varying degrees this week; the stalemate between upstream and downstream has not changed, and the holder passively lowered the price slightly for shipment.

SMM believes that the stock before the National Day is not obvious, the current price is in the process of bottoming out, and it is expected that the price of domestic rare earth products will be weak and stable next week.

Rare earth has the characteristics of wide range and shallow degree, although there are many downstream industries involved, but the real dosage is very small, often in the marginal state. And rare earth as an additive, except for a few occasions, has a high substitution. Even for the NdFeB industry, which is highly dependent on rare earths, countless technologies have been developed to cope with the increase in the price of rare earth raw materials, such as NdFeB products containing more cerium, low-weight rare earth technology and surface strengthening technology aimed at reducing the use of terbium.

From the perspective of market trading, the short-term ups and downs under the long-term trend are the characteristics of the rare earth industry. In the final analysis, due to the relative concentration of sustainable development of rare earth resources, the upstream can make rare earth products return to relatively reasonable prices through supply adjustment.

The important news of the industry this week

[southern rare earths announced the latest rare earth oxide listing prices] A few days ago, the southern rare earth official website released the latest rare earth oxide listing prices, individual product quotations declined, and the prices of most products were the same as last week. In terms of price changes, the quotation of gadolinium oxide was reduced by 1000 yuan / ton and that of holmium oxide by 5000 yuan / ton.

In order to further highlight the company's main business and optimize asset allocation, the company plans to transfer its 72% stake in Zhujiang rare earths through public listing on the Beijing property Exchange, the company said in a recent announcement. The listing price is not lower than the estimated value of 156.8366 million yuan by the asset appraisal institution, and the final transaction price and counterparty will be determined according to the bidding result. "View details

Don't want to be strangled by China? Us plans to build a rare earth processing plant in the desert] it is reported that the United States has agreed to provide funding for MP Materials (, a private equity-backed company, to buy a Mountain Pass mine for $20.5 million in 2017) to design the first US heavy rare earth processing facility, the, Mountain Pass mine in the Mojave Desert, California, and one of the largest light rare earth mines operating outside China. "View details

From September 6 to 15, 2020, the fourth eco-environmental protection inspection team of the Central Committee conducted on-site supervision of Guangxi Nonferrous rare Earth Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Guangxi rare Earth) and its subordinate enterprises of China Aluminium Corporation (hereinafter referred to as Guangxi rare Earth). The inspectors found that the enterprises affiliated to the company failed to rectify the problems of the central eco-environmental protection supervision; the environmental management was chaotic and illegal activities occurred frequently; and the excessive cross-border mining of rare earths polluted the surrounding environment. "View details

[Jin Li permanent Magnet signs parts purchase Agreement with Tesla] on the evening of September 22nd, Jiangxi Jinli permanent Magnet Technology Co., Ltd. issued an announcement on signing the "parts purchase Agreement" with Tesla. Jiangxi Jinli permanent Magnet Technology Co., Ltd. and Tesla,Inc. (including its subsidiaries, hereinafter referred to as "Tesla Company") signed a spare parts purchase Agreement on September 21, with the subject matter of the transaction being NdFeB magnets. "View details

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