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[SMM analysis] the price of industrial grade lithium carbonate has stabilized and rebounded, and there is still room to rise in October.
Sep 27,2020 16:17CST
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SMM9: since March, due to the impact of the overseas epidemic, consumer battery orders have weakened, industrial carbon demand has shrunk, and prices have shown a downward trend, with the lowest average price reaching 34250 yuan per ton, the lowest since the SMM record. Since July 7, the downstream demand has warmed up, the shipments of industrial-grade lithium carbonate in Qinghai have tightened and actively adjusted the price, the heat of superimposed quasi-electric carbon has increased, and the price of industrial-grade lithium carbonate has hit bottom and rebounded. As of September 25, the average daily price of industrial-grade lithium carbonate was 35750 yuan / ton, up 1500 yuan / ton from the low since the beginning of the year.

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In early September, the price of industrial-grade lithium carbonate rose slightly, the shipments of large lithium salt factories in Jiangxi and Qinghai were good, and the purchase volume at the beginning of the month in the lower reaches increased. Subsequently, industrial carbon prices rose slightly after a period of smooth operation, mainly due to better demand for lithium iron phosphate and lithium manganate, and the operating rate in September may continue to rise slightly in August. According to SMM, the operating rate of lithium iron phosphate is expected to be 54% in September, up 2% from the previous month, and lithium manganate is expected to be 47%, up 3% from the previous month. Downstream demand gradually transferred to the lithium salt end of the shipment situation increased, some manufacturers in Jiangxi in short supply, the fourth quarter signing basically completed.

Looking forward to October, the carbon supply of salt lake industrial carbon and Jiangxi lithium mica quasi-electric carbon will continue to tighten, the carbon production of some salt lake workers may decline, the output of cathode materials downstream of superimposed lithium salt is expected to increase slightly, and it is expected that there is still room for industrial carbon prices to rise slightly in October.

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