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Global copper smelting activity recovers rapidly in North America in Earth-i:8 month
Sep 27,2020 13:46CST
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SMM9: global copper smelting activity recovered in August, mainly due to a surge in copper smelting activity in North America, while copper smelting in China continued its downward trend, according to data monitored by the SAVANT Copper platform.

The global decentralization index averaged 44.2 in August, an improvement from the previous quarter, but still the lowest since 2016 (41.5).

China's activity dispersion index fell further to 39.3 in August, the lowest level since March 2018 (38.8). This is only the second month of this year when the index recorded a level below 50.

North America's activity dispersion index, which fell below 35 for the seventh month in a row, rebounded sharply to 58.7 in August, the highest level since September 2019 (62.4).

The activity dispersion index ((the activity dispersion index)) is a measure of the level of capacity-weighted activity observed at the smelter site. A reading of 50 indicates that the current level of activity is average. Readings above or below 50 indicate that the level of activity is above or below the average, respectively.

The SAVANT Copper platform can monitor 90 per cent of the world's copper smelting capacity. The index uses daily updated resources, including extensive use of geospatial data collected from satellites, to report on global smelter activities, providing subscribers with unprecedented coverage, accuracy and reliability. The dataset enables users to make smarter and more timely trading decisions.

About Earth-i

Earth-i is a geospatial intelligence company that uses machine learning, artificial intelligence and Earth observation data to provide unique and relevant insights derived from a variety of geospatial data that provide clear decision-making advantages for businesses, governments and other organizations.

Earth-i provides advanced analysis by automatically interpreting a range of geospatial "Earth observation" data sources, including color images, color videos, infrared and radar, from a variety of sources, including satellites, drones, air and ground sensors. This data is fused with other data sources to extract factual understanding and generate predictive insights in a range of markets such as commodities, supply chains, agriculture, infrastructure and defense.

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