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Harness the interest of exploration GAC-Mitsubishi issues brand slogan
Sep 27,2020 10:37CST
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SMM: on September 26th, during the opening of the Beijing Auto Show, GAC-Mitsubishi released its medium-term plan and brand slogan "harness the interest of Exploration" for 2022. In the future, GAC-Mitsubishi hopes to strengthen the relationship with users and enhance the strength of brands and products from the three aspects of brand, marketing and products.

In July, Mitsubishi Motor stressed in its medium-term plan that it would cooperate more deeply with GAC GROUP. The group will take the initiative to change and adjust, customer-centered. Mitsubishi General Manager of GAC-Mitsubishi said at the Beijing Auto Show that facing 2022, GAC-Mitsubishi will promote focused medium-term planning, increase the frequency of model launches, and carry out international R & D together with GAC GROUP and Mitsubishi Motors. GAC-Mitsubishi R & D center is used to carry out local research and development, and at least one new model is launched every year. In addition, Mitsubishi Motors also announced that a new R & D center will be put into use in 2021, located in Changsha.

In terms of new energy, GAC-Mitsubishi will comply with the national policy and take the pure electric line. Mitsubishi's PHEV model has certain advantages in the world, and it does not rule out the possibility that the group will continue to work in this area in the future and launch new products in Japan or other countries. In the future, GAC GROUP will also pour technological advantages into Mitsubishi to launch products that meet the needs of the market, and more group plans will be revealed at the Guangzhou Auto Show in November.

GAC-Mitsubishi is currently selling several models, such as Outlander, Jinxuan ASX, Pajero Yige and Qizhi EV. According to the financial report, GAC-Mitsubishi's annual terminal sales totaled 136200 vehicles in 2019, an increase of 3.5 per cent over the same period last year.

Editor's comments:

"harness the interest of exploration"-the significance is to encourage users to explore and innovate. It can also be seen from the brand slogan that GAC-Mitsubishi pays attention to arousing consumers' curiosity about life and highlighting the user-centered thinking.

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