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Li Xiande, Chairman of Jingke: on listing, growth, Investment layout and the Prospect of the Industry during the 14th five-year Plan
Sep 27,2020 09:44CST
Source:Jingke Energy
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SMM News: in the first half, everyone danced in the supply chain and complained about the world; in the second half, the industry rose with the warm spring and bright moon after the twists and turns of the 14th five-year Plan goal and the chairman's final promise. Anxious no longer anxious, hesitant no longer hesitate. In fact, when the price of photovoltaic electricity has reached 1.35 cents, less than 10 cents per kilowatt-hour of electricity, this kind of worry about gain and loss should not have.

About spin-off and listing

These days, what you want to ask me most is the spin-off of Jingke Energy back to A-shares. The reason is not so great. One day, an executive, depressed with a face that was about to cry, asked me, "Boss, are we not as bad as others? are our products inferior to others? are our products inferior to others? are our sales inferior to others? is the brand not as good as others? is the ability of globalization not as good as others? are we not as bad as others?"

What's the difference? All that's missing is this. Now make it up.

About growth and talent

Jingke must grow exponentially and grow in a more rational and sustainable mode. This not only refers to the scale of production capacity, not only the degree of integration, not only intergenerational technology, not just sales volume, its growth must be multi-dimensional, must be ecological resource integration, must be problem-solving.


We have gone through a period of extinction, but also after a long period of mediocrity, followed by the outbreak of uncontrollable development energy. This timing requires three kinds of people, a small number of people who can concentrate on how the future will be better, how the technology will improve, and who carefully guard the "imagination"; some who can manipulate the course of events and influence the development of the team? people with leadership; need most professional restraint, never interrupting and continuous righteousness, and some are professionalism, plus a little bit of confident, energetic professionals. But no matter what kind of people, first of all, they are hard-working, tenacious and persistent, and they are all tough, brave, simple and warm people in the first place.

About the layout of investment

Many people are still concerned about where Jingke will invest in the future and which link it will invest in. Every time I see the picture of Spring Festival travel, it is deeply touched, and the largest migration movement in the world takes place in those five days. Why, because there are no job opportunities, so thousands of miles away, so he left home.

If the last wave of regional economic dividends came from geographical advantages and offshore trade, then the next wave is that where there is the cleanest, cheapest and smartest electricity, it will attract manufacturing to move westward, and where there is manufacturing, there will be jobs. Jingke's big dream is to build photovoltaic power stations and generate cheap electricity there; to generate cheap electricity there, to attract manufacturing there, to summon upstream and downstream suppliers there, to gather investors, to recruit workers, to attract businessmen and real estate developers, and to solve the problem of food and clothing, they need medical care, culture, education, and life. So Jingke is not here to build a factory, we are going to build a town. In the future, we will make the Spring Festival transportation a thing of the past.

About the prospect of the industry

It is probably time not to eliminate photovoltaic anywhere and anytime, but to create a general interest and preference for new sources of energy such as photovoltaic. The "14th five-year Plan" photovoltaic will become the second largest power source after thermal power. In the "15th five-year Plan", photovoltaic may become the underlying energy, which will be used together with other energy sources.

In the future, all enterprises will first be energy enterprises, or production, or use, or operation, or management, or investment, or trading photovoltaic and other distributed energy, enterprises, big or small, can slowly achieve "justice and profit", business for good. When energy has its own mechanism, you can't say what specific principles and components are at work. This is naturally from the traditional centralized or even centralized thermal power to the economic, low-carbon, distributed, digital, market-oriented new energy switching process, when the qualitative change of energy structure takes place, which is the force driving energy development, not rules, agreements and authority. When the photovoltaic capacity changes qualitatively, the whole universe will be awakened.

I walked in the factory area of Jingke, a little cold, a little quiet, and planted some trees casually. Oleander is not colorful, the whole tree is round, there are some heartless trees full of rose or white flowers, do not know what trees, but independent and romantic. There are purple hundred lotus, there is a trace of leisurely. Imagination and a sense of the future are floating in the air, which is Jingke's stubborn metaphor.

production capacity

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