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Tesla is still far ahead of his competitors without a new breakthrough in battery technology.
Sep 25,2020 16:33CST
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SMM: in a recent interview with a German automotive journal, Maximilian Fichtner, director of (Helmholtz Institute) at Helmholtz Institute and professor of solid-state chemistry at Ulm University, said that even if Tesla could not achieve all the goals put forward in the battery day, he could still far surpass his competitors. Fichtner believes this is partly because competitors are not doing enough to advance electric vehicle technology.

"German carmakers are doing something very different from Tesla. In Tesla's view, batteries are part of its core business; however, German carmakers seem content to outsource all battery work to third-party suppliers and focus on the competencies they are most familiar with, such as body design. and hope to build an electric car comparable to Tesla. Tesla takes the lead in technology by managing the entire production chain, from the integration of its own hardware and software, to batteries and vehicles. " Fichtner said.

When asked what improvements Tesla would make in the next generation of batteries, Fichtner said Tesla's larger 4680 battery opened the door for longer mileage and other technology upgrades, and that such innovation was a huge leap forward. Tesla has calculated everything well in terms of battery design, and has thought carefully about better integrating the battery into the car. Fichtner added that as Tesla plans to reduce battery production costs by 56 per cent, the price of electric vehicles is likely to be the same or lower than that of cars with internal combustion engines, phasing out cars with internal combustion engines.

Of course, Tesla's goal for the next generation of batteries is very ambitious. Fichtner believes that even if Tesla fails to achieve all the goals set by Battery Day within his own time frame, the company will still be well ahead of other carmakers, especially German carmakers that are still adopting strategies that work for internal combustion engines. Tesla CEO Musk is involved everywhere from the processing of raw materials to the whole vehicle to make Tesla's car better and cheaper. Tesla obviously screwed all the screws in the right direction, "Fichtner said." even if the company achieved only part of its goals, it was far better than other competitors' plans. "


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