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BMW to invest more than 100 million EUR to expand battery production capacity of electric vehicles in Germany
Sep 24,2020 16:39CST
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SMM News: September 23, BMW Group announced the expansion of its German electric vehicle parts production capacity, from 2021, Leipzig (Leipzig) plant will also produce its electric vehicle high-voltage battery module. Currently, BMW produces battery components only at its Dingolfen (Dingolfing) plant in Bavaria.

BMW expects to invest more than 100m EUR in the Leipzig plant by 2022. The plant will begin mass production of modules as early as mid-2021, preparing for a steady increase in electric car sales.

The Leipzig plant, a pioneer in electric travel among all BMW's factories, has been involved in the electric travel business since 2013 and produces BMW's first all-electric model, i3. Hans-Peter Kemser, director of the BMW Leipzig plant, said: "now we apply our expertise to the production of high-voltage batteries. By 2022, more than 150 employees will be working on the high voltage battery production line. "

Michael Nikolaides, head of engine and electric drive planning and production at BMW, said: "We are constantly increasing the production of electric drive systems to meet our ambitious goal of electric travel. Recently, we have opened an electric drive production technology center in Dingolfen, Germany, and a new battery center in China, which has doubled the high-voltage battery capacity of brilliance BMW. Now we are expanding battery capacity in Germany. "

BMW expects to have 25 electric vehicles in 2023, half of which will be pure electric models; as early as 2021, 1/4 of BMW Group's cars sold in Europe will be equipped with electric drives, rising to 1/3 by 2025 and 1/2 by 2030.

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