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Tesla Berlin factory expects the production of batteries and battery packs to be approved by the end of the year.
Sep 24,2020 16:26CST
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SMM News: in Tesla Battery Day, CEO Elon Musk once again confirmed that battery production will also be located in Giga Berlin. However, Tesla did not provide any details about making batteries in Germany. Tesla had previously announced to the outside world that he made batteries, so he would no longer rely on battery suppliers. However, mass production will not start until 2022 to implement the plan.

A spokesman for Tesla was quoted as saying that Tesla planned to produce batteries and battery packs in the new factory by the end of the year and was waiting for approval.

The spokesman said Tesla hopes to push ahead with production plans for battery batteries and battery packs at Giga in Berlin. With the submission of the relevant applications, the Brandenburg Department of Agriculture, Environment and Climate Protection is expected to formally approve the construction plan by the end of the year.

But environmentalists are worried about the Tesla factory, but the local environmental protection department is guaranteed water by a panel of planning consultants.

The Strawsberg-Urkner Water Association (The Strausberg-Erkner Waters Association,WSE) has approved the application for the development of the Tesla plant. This means that the water supply and sewage system of Tesla's new plant will be completed soon, which will be an important milestone for Tesla in Germany.

The group said that a decision had been made that the supply and disposal of the Tesla plant in the first expansion phase would ensure the quantity required during the approval process and the current resources available for WSE.


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