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Four times around the earth, the Weilai car has traveled a total of more than 1 billion kilometers.
Sep 24,2020 08:34CST
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SMM Network News: September 23, Xilai Automobile released the news that the cumulative mileage of users of Xilai exceeded 1 billion km. According to Weilai, the cumulative mileage ranges from 0 to 100m km in 110 days, while from 900m to 1 billion km takes only 33 days. It can be seen that the accelerated expansion of its user scale.

In addition to the cumulative mileage, Xilai also released some other data. From the regional point of view, the footprints of Lulai car users cover 344 cities, including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, including Mohe City in Heilongjiang Province in the northernmost, Sanya in the southernmost, Kashgar in Xinjiang and Jiamusi in Heilongjiang Province in the west and east. The average daily mileage of users is more than 3 million kilometers, the maximum mileage of bicycles is more than 160000 kilometers, and they can drive around the earth four times.

Compared with fuel vehicles, the economy of electric vehicles is greatly improved. Compared with driving the same mileage of fuel-fueled cars, Xilai users save a total of about 500 million yuan in energy replenishment costs. The average energy consumption of a bicycle per 100 kilometers is as low as 21kWhh, which is only one day's electricity consumption of a household air conditioner. In addition to saving money, the attribute of environmental protection is more important. Up to now, the cumulative contribution of Xilai users to carbon emission reduction has exceeded 66000 tons.

In the process of actual use, the cumulative number of interactions between users and NOMI is more than 110 million, including navigation, vehicle control, chat, feedback and other vehicle scenarios. The self-driving assistant system NIO Pilot developed by Weilai has more than 20 auxiliary driving functions and supports long-distance FOTA upgrades. Users have opened it for more than 1 million hours and traveled more than 70 million kilometers.

What is more worth mentioning is the power exchange technology, which has received a great deal of attention and is likely to become a trend in the future. It takes only a few minutes for the vehicle to be fully charged, which greatly reduces the waiting time for electric vehicle charging and solves the fundamental problem of mileage anxiety. Up to now, Xilai has landed 150 power stations across the country, users have used the power exchange service for a total of more than 940000 times, the maximum number of power changes for bicycles has exceeded 500 times, and the first car owner still enjoys a lifetime free power exchange service.

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Xilai currently sells three models: ES6, ES8 and EC6. In August this year, Weilai completed the delivery of 3965 vehicles, an increase of 104.1% over the same period last year. From January to August, a total of 21667 vehicles were delivered, an increase of 109.9% over the same period last year. In such a special environment as 2020, to be able to have such achievements can indeed be called the leader in the team of "new forces in building cars".

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