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Musk: Tesla will produce 25 to 300000 Cybertruck per year.
Sep 23,2020 15:56CST
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SMM: according to reports, on September 22nd, Tesla CEO Elon Musk (Elon Musk) said that his Cybertruck electric pickup truck will be put into production next year, after which the company may produce 25 to 300000 Cybertruck per year.

On the sidelines of the Battery Day speech, Musk mentioned the production forecast for the model for the first time. Tesla's new factory in Austin, Texas, will be responsible for the production of the electric pickup truck. "the car will produce at least 25 to 300000 vehicles a year, and maybe even higher," Mr Musk said. "

Speaking of orders for Cybertruck, which has a deposit of $100, Mr Musk said the number of orders for Cybertruck was "well over 500000", much higher than the "hundreds of thousands" he said last month. Musk said: "it is difficult to say how many Cybertruck orders are, the orders are huge, may be far more than 500000, I think it may be 600000, this is a very large number, we no longer count."

It should be pointed out that Musk's "more than 500000" orders should be pre-purchasers, these customers have paid a deposit of $100 in order to be able to pick up the car as soon as possible, and the deposit is fully refundable, so these are uncertain orders. Bookers may cancel the order at any time.

If sales of the Cybertruck are on a par with what Musk claims, it will be at a disadvantage in the competition for the same class of models. Ford, for example, sold more than 896000 F-Series pickups in 2019; FCA ranked second, with more than 633000 Ram pickups sold last year.

Tesla said earlier that the Cybertruck was "very likely" to be classified as a medium-sized pickup truck, on a par with Ford's Fmuri 250 Super Duty. On September 22nd, Musk also revealed that Tesla may produce small-size Cybertruck, for overseas markets. "We are very likely to produce a smaller international version of the model," he said. The international version is still cool, but it's small because you can't produce such a huge truck for the international market. "

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