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The United States exported 69000 cars in the second quarter, Tesla accounted for more than 30%.
Sep 23,2020 13:06CST
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SMM: according to reports, data show that Tesla became the main force of U. S. car exports in the second quarter of 2020, accounting for 35.4% of the total exports.

Kevin Rooke, a data expert at Zap EVs, said the U. S. auto market exported 68900 cars in the second quarter. During the same period, Tesla sold 90891 vehicles worldwide, of which 36800 were made at the Fremont plant in northern California and 29684 were built at the Shanghai plant in China. This allowed another 24407 cars produced by Tesla in the United States to be exported, accounting for 35.4% of total US car exports in the second quarter.

The cars produced by Tesla's Shanghai factory in the second quarter are mainly sold in China. However, the company plans to export some of the Model 3 produced at its Shanghai plant to Europe in the future.

Tesla, like other global carmakers, experienced a setback in 2020 when its US plant was forced to close in April, but the company still delivered 90891 cars in the second quarter. Even more impressive, Tesla has also begun to reverse the huge trade deficit in the US auto industry. (), Rooke, the country's main import for years, points out that Tesla's massive exports are beginning to transform the way American consumers buy and sell cars.

Other countries, such as Germany and Japan, which have a number of big carmakers, are heavily dependent on exports, which has contributed to their economic prosperity. German brands such as Volkswagen and Japanese brands such as Honda have long been popular with American consumers.

However, electric cars are becoming more and more popular in the auto market, and American automaker Tesla is the leader in electric cars. As a result, exports in the US market are increasing.

Although Tesla has built or is building an international factory in China and Berlin, exports from US factories are likely to decrease. However, Tesla does not have factories in many places, and the Fremont factory will be responsible for transporting cars to other areas. For example, although the Model S and Model X are not Tesla's best-selling models, they are still popular with international buyers. Fremont will continue to be the only factory producing these cars for the foreseeable future, so export remains an important business for Tesla.

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