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Open up a new market in Nordic BYD wins orders for 106 pure electric buses in Finland
Sep 23,2020 13:03CST
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SMM: local time on September 22nd, BYD announced that it had signed an order for 106pure electric buses with Nobina, the largest public transport operator in northern Europe, and officially entered the Finnish market. This is another major breakthrough in BYD's European territory after Germany.

This is BYD's first order for an all-electric bus in Finland and the largest order for an all-electric bus in Finnish history. All vehicles are expected to be delivered in the summer of 2021, including 64 in the Finnish capital Helsinki and 42 in the coastal city of Turku in southwestern Finland.

The order includes a wide range of products from the BYD pure electric bus family, including a 12-meter pure electric bus, an 18-meter pure electric articulated bus, and BYD's first 15-meter pure electric bus with a low chassis. The 15-meter low-chassis bus has a total of 50 seats, which can meet the passenger demand as much as possible; at the same time, the vehicle operating mileage is also very eye-catching, with a mileage of up to 400km in, SORT II (mixed mode after a single charge.

Petri Auno, general manager of Nobina Group Finland, said: "We are very pleased to have a batch of BYD pure electric buses next summer. Especially in Turku, where most of the bus fleets will be electrified. Our operating route covers a wide range of areas, and many citizens are about to enjoy green travel services. "

He Yipeng, general manager of BYD Europe, said: "We are very honored to have further cooperation with Nobina, especially to provide Finland with the world's first 15-meter pure electric buses. At present, Nordic Europe is leading the trend of rapid growth of electric travel in Europe, which confirms that the bus electrified travel scheme can indeed bring real benefits to operators, not only environmental protection, but also provide passengers with a quiet and comfortable new travel experience. With our years of layout and operational experience in battery and transportation, we will continue to create one-stop zero-emission transportation solutions for local operators and passengers. "

After more than five years of cooperation with Nobina, BYD's pure electric bus fleet has operated more than 7 million kilometers in northern Europe and reduced carbon dioxide emissions by more than 7500 tons. These zero-emission vehicles provide cleaner, comfortable and sustainable local travel solutions, as well as the promise of BYD and Nobina to create local zero-emission transportation solutions.

The sudden outbreak in 2020 did not stop BYD from continuing to dig deep into the European market, especially in the Nordic region, where BYD handed in a high score under the big exam of the epidemic. In May, BYD received another order from Sweden to further extend the new energy landscape northward, and pure electric buses are about to arrive near the Arctic Circle. Then, BYD delivered its world's first batch of 13-meter pure electric intercity buses to Norway to win customers' favor with first-class products, technology and services. In the first half of 2020 alone, BYD delivered more than 100 pure electric buses to the Nordic region. Up to now, BYD has sold more than 400 pure electric buses in northern Europe, covering 20 cities in northern Europe, including famous Nordic cities such as Oslo, Norway, Stockholm, Sweden, and Copenhagen, Denmark.

Looking at Europe, BYD has won orders for more than 1400 pure electric buses, bringing bus electrification programs to more than 100 cities in 20 European countries. From the construction of the first electric bus line in Glasgow at the beginning of the year, to the southern European market in the middle of the year, helping the first batch of buses to "take up posts" in the Spanish capital, and then into Germany recently, BYD is firmly moving forward in Europe one step at a time. In the future, BYD will continue to shoulder the brand mission of "using technological innovation to meet people's yearning for a better life" and provide new energy, green technology and products to consumers around the world.

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