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Set a 5-year goal Sichuan issued a plan for the development of hydrogen energy industry
Sep 23,2020 08:38CST
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SMM News: recently, the Department of economy and Information Technology of Sichuan Province issued the Development Plan of Sichuan hydrogen Energy Industry (2021-2025) (hereinafter referred to as "the Plan"), which expounds the basic principles, overall objectives, key tasks and spatial layout of the development of hydrogen energy industry in Sichuan Province, in order to accelerate the development of the province's hydrogen energy industry and build Sichuan into a domestic and international well-known hydrogen energy industry base.

The Plan mentions the overall goal of the development of hydrogen energy industry in Sichuan Province in the next five years, that is, by 2025, the development of Sichuan hydrogen energy industry will begin to take shape, achieve phased breakthroughs in core technology, maintain domestic leadership and reach the international Synchronize level. Form a batch of hydrogen energy core products with independent intellectual property rights and strong market competitiveness. The hydrogen energy industry chain is further optimized and the application scenario is further expanded.

The specific targets include: by 2025, the application scale of fuel cell vehicles (including heavy trucks, medium and light logistics, passenger cars) will reach 6000, the supporting system of hydrogen infrastructure will be initially established, and 60 hydrogenation stations of various types will be built. The field of hydrogen energy demonstration has been further expanded to realize demonstration applications in the fields of cogeneration (including hydrogen power generation and distributed energy), rail transit and unmanned aerial vehicles, and five hydrogen distributed energy stations and backup power projects have been built, and two hydrogen storage power stations have been built.

In order to improve and strengthen the hydrogen energy industry chain, cultivating domestic leading enterprises and enhancing innovation ability have also become the focus of the development of hydrogen energy industry. It is also mentioned in the Plan that the key technologies of hydrogen energy and fuel cells will be tackled, and the ability of scientific and technological innovation and sustainable development will be enhanced. Around the fuel cell, focus on breaking through the key components and system integration technology to further improve the fuel cell life, safety, lightweight and stability. In commercialization, a new commercial model of hydrogen energy will be explored to realize the coordinated development of "hydrogen, vehicle and station".

Editor's comments:

Recently, Sichuan Province has put forward a series of plans and plans around the development of new energy, intelligent vehicles and the construction of new infrastructure, which will be conducive to the rapid development of automobile and new energy industry in Sichuan Province. At present, the status and importance of hydrogen energy industry are being paid more and more attention, and relevant policies continue to be introduced. Accelerating the planning of hydrogen energy industry in Sichuan Province is also a forward-looking measure for the future layout.

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