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[blockbuster] Tesla's "Battery Day" tomorrow will lead what kind of battery technology will be revealed!
Sep 22,2020 17:40CST
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SMM9 March 22: tomorrow morning at 4: 30, Tesla Battery Day, which attracted a lot of attention, will arrive as scheduled.

Citic Securities pointed out that it is speculated that the new technology to be released on a daily basis may involve several aspects: 1) large cylindrical batteries; 2) negative electrodes of silicon nanowires; 3) next-generation single crystal positive electrodes and new electrolytes; 4) dry electrodes; 5) non-cobalt technology, etc. Tesla actively promotes the progress of battery technology, benefiting the Chinese lithium raw materials and equipment enterprises with the strongest global competitiveness in the supply chain; at the same time, Tesla promotes battery cost reduction, and vehicle sales are expected to accelerate the volume, directly benefiting the supply chain. Continue to recommend Tesla supply chain investment opportunities.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk said on Twitter on Sept. 21 that the launch of Tesla's Battery Day affects long-term production and that the announced products will not be able to achieve real mass production until 2022, especially the production of Semi,Cybertruck and Roadster. In addition, he added, "Tesla will increase rather than reduce battery purchases from partners such as Panasonic, LG and Ningde era (there may also be other partners)." But even if battery suppliers develop at maximum speed, we can still foresee severe supply shortages in 2022 and beyond, unless we take action ourselves. "

Tesla shares fell nearly 8 per cent in intraday trading after the news, then rebounded, rising 1.64 per cent by the close.

A few days ago, some media reported that the number of vehicles delivered by Tesla in the third quarter of 2020 is expected to break the previous record. Prior to this, Tesla set a target of delivering 500000 vehicles this year, but due to the impact of the epidemic at the beginning of the year, it is unclear whether this figure can be achieved in the future.

SMM believes that Tesla Battery Day will announce its latest battery news and ongoing battery technology. However, judging from Tesla's recent actions, he signed a long-term association with Glencore, cooperated with domestic ternary materials enterprises, and maintained the supply of global head battery enterprises, and the current ternary batteries will still be used in Tesla electric vehicles for a long time. The use of cobalt-free batteries or large batteries still needs to wait and see the future technological development, and the actual commercial time still needs to be considered. But at present, Tesla's electric technology is in a leading position in the world, and the news related to this conference may lead the direction of electrification in the future.


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