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The new material base of Baotou rare Earth High-tech Zone fills the gap of "no electroplating".
Sep 21,2020 13:11CST
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SMM: walking into the production workshop of Baotou Huizhong Magnetic Valley rare Earth Technology Co., Ltd., which is located in the rare earth new material industry base of Baotou rare Earth High-tech Zone in Inner Mongolia, the gears are flying, the machines are roaring, and the fully automatic electroplating production lines with two hundred meters long and only 3 people working on each line are in full-load production, which is the highest level of domestic electroplating production line. As soon as it was put into production, orders poured in.

"since it was completed and put into production in July this year, the two production lines have been running smoothly, orders have been arranged by the end of the year, and the output value this year can reach 30 million yuan." An Yongping, general manager of Baotou Huizhong Magnetic Valley rare Earth Technology Co., Ltd. And general manager of Baotou rare Earth High-tech Zone Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Center, told reporters that the two production lines have many advantages, such as high degree of automation, good product consistency and stability. Compared with ordinary electroplating, the labor cost can be saved by 80%, the salt spray time of metal surface coating can be increased by 33.3%, and the offline products have high technology content and good product performance, which are well received by the market.

Electroplating is the process of plating a thin layer of other metals or alloys on the surface of some metals based on the principle of electrolysis, which can improve the wear resistance, electrical conductivity, reflectivity, corrosion resistance and beauty of metals.

The chemical properties of rare earth elements are active, if the product surface is not coated, extending the rare earth terminal industry chain is empty talk. Rare earth industry experts have repeatedly stressed: "No electroplating is not high-end." In recent years, Baotou rare Earth High-tech Zone has laid out the whole rare earth industry chain and accelerated the establishment of the largest and most complete rare earth materials industry base in China, with a construction area of 230000 square meters, including 45 production workshops, of which, there are 23 electroplating workshops covering an area of 85000 square meters, 22 post-processing workshops covering an area of 135000 square meters, and a sewage treatment plant covering an area of 10, 000 square meters. At present, the base has settled in more than 20 enterprises.

"there are unique rare earth resources here, as well as an industry-wide chain to meet the matching processing of rare earth products. We will select the project here, which will further increase the production and research and development of magnetic materials and components. An adequate supply of rare earth raw materials will also greatly promote the overall competitiveness and profitability of enterprises." The project head of Jiangxi Ganzhou Jinli permanent Magnet Technology Co., Ltd., a well-known domestic rare earth enterprise that has just signed an agreement to set up a wholly-owned subsidiary in Baotou rare Earth High-tech Zone, said that in the future, the enterprise will increase cooperation with Baotou rare Earth High-tech Zone in rare earth magnetic materials to help Baotou build a "magnetic capital".

As the largest processing base of new rare earth materials in the country, in recent years, the rare earth new materials industry base of Baotou rare Earth High-tech Zone has been closely driven by innovation, made full efforts in overcoming difficulties in production technology and technology, and constantly extended the rare earth industry chain. break through the bottleneck in the development of magnetic materials in the rare earth industry and increase the national market share of new rare earth materials. The base has formed a good situation of leading enterprises driving, backbone enterprises gathering and emerging enterprises booming.

"before the completion of the base, Baotou rare earth products are very difficult to make end products. After the completion of the base, it not only breaks through the bottleneck of the rare earth industry moving towards the terminal, but also fills the gap of Baotou rare earth non-electroplating. " An Yongping said confidently.

Since the completion of the rare earth new materials industrial base of Baotou rare Earth High-tech Zone, many large domestic rare earth enterprises have come to settle here, in addition to the adequate supply of raw materials in Baotou, there are also complete supporting services here.

The reporter came to the testing room of the National rare Earth products quality Supervision and Inspection Center located in the base, and the inspector Lin Encheng stared intently at the computer screen to analyze the data parameters. "I am now doing the electroplating bath inspection for Baotou Earth Bear Magnetoelectric Co., Ltd., we provide parameters for the enterprise, and the enterprise adjusts the plating bath ratio according to our test results."

"Earth Bear electroplating production line has just been put into production, supporting facilities are not yet perfect, with our help, enterprises will be able to better control product quality and improve customer satisfaction. It is also the value of the center to provide enterprises with high authority and national test results in time. " Wang Ke, deputy director of the laboratory of the Inner Mongolia rare Earth Research Institute and deputy director of the testing room of the National rare Earth quality Inspection Center, said that the purpose of the base is to provide one-stop services for enterprises at zero distance, which can accompany the development of the rare earth industry. for enterprises to provide electroplating bath composition testing, electroplating product coating quality testing, to help enterprises optimize inspection methods and other services. With the support of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous region Market Supervision Administration and the Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, the laboratory has invested about 5 million yuan and is equipped with high-end testing equipment from Japan and the United States.

"with this laboratory, the capital investment in inspection and testing can be reduced for enterprises. since its official operation in 2019, the center has tested more than 40 batches of plating bath and more than 50 batches of coating quality." Wang Ke said.

An Yongping told reporters that the rare earth new materials industry base is expected to be full in 2022, when the output value will reach 7 billion yuan, and all 50, 000 tons of neodymium-iron-boron materials in Baotou can be converted into commodities on the spot, so as to promote the development of rare earth industry by leaps and bounds.

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