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Innovation makes rare earth "gold-lettered signboard" shine
Sep 21,2020 09:50CST
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SMM: in recent years, Baotou rare Earth High-tech Zone in Inner Mongolia has thoroughly implemented the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important speech when participating in the deliberations of the Inner Mongolia delegation, and in accordance with the instructions of the Baotou Municipal CPC Committee and Municipal Government to speed up the development of rare earth industry, make full use of a series of support policies issued by the state and Baotou City to speed up the optimization and upgrading of economic structure and promote the high-quality development of rare earth industry It has realized the transformation from rare earth raw material industry to rare earth new materials and terminal application, from rough processing of rare earth products to intensive processing and brand creation, and from passively receiving orders to actively attacking domestic and international markets. the rare earth industry has entered a new stage of healthy and healthy development.

Extend the industrial chain

Increase the added value of rare earth products

After a high temperature of 1300 degrees Celsius and firing for more than 20 hours, a batch of rare earth glaze ceramics with glaze transformation effects such as lake blue, rouge, red gold, misty rain and so on came out of the furnace. They are crystal clear and transparent, emitting a soft luster.

Baotou rare Earth Research and Development Center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences uses rare earths instead of traditional additives such as lead oxide and cadmium oxide, and integrates rare earth antibacterial technology into traditional ceramic products to refine grains and change grain boundary distribution. so that the safe and non-toxic light rare earth elements play a magical role in the ceramic glaze, the antibacterial rate of Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus is 99.9%, and the antiviral activity rate is 93%.

"the price of a ton of rare earth cerium oxide is about 10,000 yuan, and the price of making it into a rare earth antibacterial material reaches more than one million yuan, and then adding rare earth antibacterial materials to ceramics, the price has increased nearly 10 times." Zhou Xiao, general manager of Baotou Zhongke Ceramic Technology Co., Ltd., said that science and technology is turning rare earth products into high-end products and realizing "turning land into gold".

In Baotou, where rare earth reserves account for 37.8% of the world's total reserves and 83.7% of the country's total reserves, rare earths, which can be heavenly, accessible, high-end, and popular, and whose footprints are all over the industrial, agricultural, and service industries, are deducing "all kinds of changes". Promote industrial innovation butterfly change, transformation and upgrading.

The high torque motor produced by Baotou Changan permanent Magnet Motor Co., Ltd. can reach 100000 Nm in torque and 1/10000 degrees per second. At present, it is widely used in high-precision astrometry, and can receive and send signals in time to ensure the safety of aircraft. Su Jinzhi, assistant general manager of the company, told reporters: "rare earth permanent magnet strong moment motors, mainly used in aerospace and high precision fields, can create 10 to 100 times added value for rare earth permanent magnet materials, with a market share of nearly 80%."

As a key component of astronomical telescope, the magnetostrictive trigger developed by Baotou rare Earth Research Institute can effectively reduce the influence of atmospheric circulation on imaging effect. "the actuator, which is only 10 centimeters high, contains nearly 20 invention patents." Hao Hongbo, head of the magnetostrictive materials research and development project department of rare Earth Research Institute, said proudly.

Tuoyida New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., located in the high-tech industrial base of Baotou rare Earth High-tech Zone, produces vertical axis wind turbines using rare earth permanent magnet materials. the Zijinshan Observatory of the Antarctic Research Station has produced China's first set of wind and wind complementary power supply equipment.

In the exhibition hall of Baotou Yingshi dilute Magnetic New Materials Co., Ltd., a rare earth magnetized water device which is small but widely used in military ships, heat exchangers and ordinary household heating pipes is shining. Through the unique magnetic circuit design, the product can effectively prevent the formation of scale and achieve the development goal of green and energy saving. Zhao Yu, executive deputy general manager of the company, said: "through strong scientific research, we use the smallest magnet to achieve maximum performance and maximize the added value of rare earth permanent magnet materials."

Increase investment in scientific research

The absolute leading power to occupy the market

"to grasp innovation is to grasp development, and to seek innovation is to seek the future." In his article "in-depth understanding of the New concept of Development", General Secretary Xi Jinping stressed: "Innovation is put in the first place because innovation is the first driving force leading development."

In recent years, Baotou rare Earth High-tech Zone has firmly grasped the bull nose of "scientific and technological innovation" and made great efforts to build a new pattern of rare earth research and development with collaborative innovation of "two academies and five gardens". A total of 30 rare earth enterprise R & D centers have been built, accounting for 38% of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous region R & D centers, 5 rare earth academician workstations, accounting for 71% of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous region academician workstations, and 4 key laboratories, accounting for 80% of the key laboratories in Inner Mongolia Autonomous region. The scientific and technological innovation capability of the rare earth industry has been improved in an all-round way. more than 80% of the rare earth enterprises stationed in the region have established automatic control, online monitoring and real-time data transmission systems, and production efficiency, product quality and consistency have been significantly improved.

Yang Jianying, deputy dean of the Baotou Institute of Materials at Shanghai Jiaotou University, said: "with the development of science and technology, rare earth researchers in Baotou are making full use of their efforts to catch up with and surpass the achievements in the application of rare earths in Japan, Europe and the United States." strive to strengthen the original innovation and innovation at the level of scientific principles, and strive to lead the world in the field of rare earth subdivision. "

Since the beginning of this year, Baotou rare Earth High-tech Zone has continuously increased the introduction of rare earth projects. Ke Rui Micro Magnetic invested 120 million yuan to build an annual output of 2000 tons of rapidly quenched magnetic powder project, Mingxin Science and Technology invested 55 million yuan to build an annual production capacity of 3000 tons of high-performance rare earth polishing materials project, Lichen Science and Technology invested 60 million yuan to build an annual output of 3800 tons polishing powder and polishing liquid project, Ningbo Baiqida invested 50 million yuan to build an annual processing project of 10,000 tons of NdFeB hydrogen crushing powder, and Northern rare earths invested 60 million yuan to build a 10,000 tons rare earth heat stabilizer project. The Inner Mongolia Yuanwei science and technology registration project of 120 million yuan to build a flue gas dedusting device has been settled down one after another. It will inject strong power and potential energy into the industrial and economic development of Baotou rare Earth High-tech Zone.

At the same time, Baotou rare Earth High-tech Zone is supported by industry and uses the invisible hand of scientific and technological innovation as an effective force to promote economic development.

This year, Baotou rare Earth High-tech Zone has implemented 26 key rare earth projects with a total investment of 8.113 billion yuan, set up rare earth and high-tech industry funds, and opened up the "last kilometer" for the transformation and application of scientific and technological achievements. Integrate scientific and technological resources, actively strive to establish Baotou rare Earth functional Materials Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, cultivate more than 10 innovation carriers such as enterprise R & D centers, 1 key laboratory, 2 academician workstations, and identify more than 30 national high-tech enterprises, scientific and technological "little giants" and more than 10 innovation-leading private enterprises. We will set up a database of scientific and technological innovation enterprises, flexibly introduce more than 10 high-end innovative talents, and more than 200 scientific and technological incubation projects, create a good innovation ecology, and further play the characteristic card of rare earths.

"Innovation is the lifeline of enterprise development. This year, on the basis of mature technology transfer and transformation, we will focus on tracking major scientific discoveries and applied technological achievements of high-end rare earth structural materials and rare earth functional materials." Chi Jianyi, director of the Baotou rare Earth Research and Development Center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, told reporters that at present, the center has cumulatively tracked 40 high-tech achievements, incubated 20 high-tech enterprises, and realized 114 million yuan in technology contracts for scientific and technological achievements, accounting for 98% of Baotou City.

Today, Baotou rare Earth High-tech Zone relies on Baotou rare Earth Research Institute, Baotou rare Earth Research and Development Center of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Baotou Materials Research Institute of Shanghai Jiaotong University, "Belt and Road Initiative" and "China-Europe key Laboratory" and 8 academician workstations, 30 enterprise R & D centers and more than 2000 rare earth researchers to improve the scientific and technological innovation capability of rare earth enterprises. A large number of application products with independent intellectual property rights have been formed in the fields of aerospace and aviation, magnetic refrigeration, permanent magnet motors, hydrogen storage batteries, energy saving and environmental protection, rare earth light sources, rare earth colorants, etc., filling the gaps in bonded magnets, rare earth pigments, rare earth ceramics, servo motors and other gaps, so that rare earth resources "materials into materials, tools, high-end", gradually grasp the rare earth market voice, technical control, innovation lead.

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