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The market of copper and associated products strives to develop steadily
Sep 18,2020 15:21CST
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SMM News: September 11, 2020 (18th) China International Copper Forum entered the second day of the conference report. In the copper market and concomitant products theme report session, 7 senior experts from related industries made wonderful keynote speeches for the representatives around their respective professional fields.

GE Wanwan, Senior Manager of Commodities Department of Shanghai Futures Exchange, made a report entitled "Shanghai Copper Futures Market-Development and Innovation". GE Wanwan introduced the development and innovation of Shanghai copper futures market comprehensively and systematically. She said: in the past 20 years, China's futures market has developed very rapidly, and the scale of the market has grown steadily. Through the three main functions of price discovery, service entity and smooth operation, Shanghai copper futures market also provides a good reference for the development direction of non-ferrous metal futures in the direction of product innovation, product optimization, service entity and opening to the outside world.

Wang Jiwei, vice president and secretary-general of the recycled Metals Branch of China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association, made a report entitled "interpretation of recycled Copper Raw material Standards", which interpreted in detail the development status of recycled copper industry and the general situation of recycled copper raw material standards. The standard of recycled copper raw materials and the new solid waste law are applicable not only to imported raw materials, but also to domestic recycling, which will have a far-reaching impact on the development of domestic recycled copper industry and related enterprises in the future. As Wang Jiwei said, "in building a new development pattern in which domestic and international double cycles promote each other, the recycled copper industry will play a greater role in promoting the green and high-quality development of China's copper industry."

Shi Jianhua, CEO of Beijing Huarong Qiming risk Management Technology Co., Ltd., introduced the "commodity trade characteristics and information solutions". Shi Jianhua introduced in detail the characteristics of commodity trade and the methods for enterprises to better hedge through informatization. Hedging is a necessary means of risk management for commodity enterprises, and price management is the core for enterprises to make profits.

Li Chong, Secretary-General of China sulphuric Acid Industry Association, made a theme report entitled "2020 status and Development trend of sulphuric Acid Industry". Li Chong made a detailed interpretation of the sulphuric acid industry from the aspects of production, consumption, import and export, and analyzed and predicted the development trend in the future. At present, the contradiction in sulphuric acid industry is becoming more and more prominent. As a very important by-product of the copper smelting process, in the first quarter of this year, the Nonferrous Association and the sulfuric Acid Association cooperated to help enterprises solve practical problems in the depressed market. In the future, the coordinated and benign development of copper smelting and sulfuric acid industry will still be one of the key tasks.

Zhou Jun, chief engineer of Tongling Nonferrous Metals Group holding Co., Ltd., discussed the technical status and prospect of comprehensive utilization of valuable elements in copper smelting process. Zhou Jun introduced the significance and related technological process of associated elements and comprehensive utilization in copper concentrate, and prospected the comprehensive utilization technology of copper smelting in the future. Reducing costs and increasing efficiency and environmental protection have become a "clich é" topic in the past two years. He believes that for China's copper smelting industry, whoever can innovate in the process and do a good job in comprehensive recovery to achieve cost reduction and efficiency will be able to take the lead in development.

Feng Juncong, secretary-general of gallium-selenium-tellurium branch of China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association, gave a speech on "selenium-tellurium market and industrial development". Feng Jun interpreted the progress of selenium and tellurium resources, production, consumption and key application fields at home and abroad in detail, and analyzed and forecasted the future supply and demand and price trend of selenium and tellurium at home and abroad. She said that at present, the main raw materials for the production of selenium and tellurium come from copper, lead, zinc, nickel and anode mud, soot and industrial wastes in the precious metal smelting process. If it can be recycled effectively, its economic and social benefits are considerable for copper and other smelting enterprises.

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