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Tesla's new cell picture before "Battery Day" doubled the diameter of the leaked cell and greatly increased its energy density.
Sep 18,2020 08:55CST
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SMM: now, it is getting closer and closer to Tesla's "Battery Day" on September 22nd. Recently, some overseas media exclusively saw the pictures of the new battery cell independently developed and produced by Tesla, as well as Tesla's new battery production system-Roadrunner.

Earlier this year, the media exclusively disclosed Tesla's secret "Roadrunner" plan, including a cell production system designed by Tesla, which is designed to increase production and reduce costs (to US $100 / kWh). Tesla specially built a "Tera battery production plant" on Kato Road next to the Fremont factory to carry out the Roadrunner project.

Now, you can finally see the "true face" of the new battery produced by Tesla. An anonymous person sent two photos of the battery, saying that this is the new cell developed internally by Tesla. Another independent source also confirmed that this is indeed a cell produced by Tesla's Roadrunner system.

Although Tesla still kept the specification of the cell secret, he was able to find some details related to the cell. First, the new cell is twice the diameter of the 2170 cell currently used in Model 3 and Model Y models, which is produced by Panasonic at its Gigafactory plant in Nevada. Doubling the diameter will quadruple the volume of the cell, and if the new volume can be used efficiently, it means that the new cell has a huge capacity, fewer shell components and a reduction in the cost of a single cell in each battery pack.

In addition, it can be seen from the picture that the cell is a cell without convex electrode. Earlier this year, Tesla did apply for a patent called "cell without convex electrode". (Tesla has another battery patent: "non-convex electrode" reduces battery production cost.) this new core design helps to reduce the resistance of the current path inside the cell and improve the performance of the cell. In addition to increasing the battery capacity, the non-convex electrode can also reduce the cost of the cell and simplify the manufacturing process.

However, more information about Tesla's battery will not be released until next week's Tesla "Battery Day".

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