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Morocco has made the final cut of safeguard measures for imported welded steel pipes.
Sep 17,2020 16:56CST
Source:Ministry of Commerce
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SMM: on September 16, 2020, the WTO safeguards Committee issued a circular on safeguards submitted to it by the Moroccan delegation on September 7. Morocco affirmatively finalizes the safeguard measures for imported welded steel pipes (French: Tubes et tuyaux en fer ou en acier)) and proposes to impose an additional tariff of 25 per cent on the products involved, which will be reduced by 1 per cent year by year and valid for three years, and the measures will take effect the day after the announcement is published in the official Gazette. Products imported from mainland China, Taiwan and the Macao Special Administrative region are not subject to taxation. This case involves products under Moroccan tax numbers 7306.19.10.90, 7306.19.99.00, 7306.30.10.99, 7306.30.99.00, 7306.50.10.90, 7306.50.99.00, 7306.61.10.00, 7306.61.90.00, 7306.69.10.00, 7306.69.99.00, 7306.90.10.90 and 7306.90.99.00.

On October 7, 2019, on the application submitted by Moroccan domestic enterprises INDUSTUBE, BATIFER and LONGOFER, Moroccan investigation authorities launched a case investigation on safeguard measures for imported welded steel pipes. On December 12, 2019, the Moroccan Ministry of Industry, Investment, Trade and Digital economy and the Ministry of economy and Finance jointly issued a notice in the official Gazette, imposing an additional tariff of 25% on imported welded steel pipes as an interim safeguard.

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