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Rare earth resources in Longgonro, Angola increase to 4.47 million tons
Sep 17,2020 13:50CST
Source:Ministry of Natural Resources
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SMM News: Pensana rare earths company (Pensana Rare Earths) updated the resources of its (Longonjo) rare earth project in Longgonro, Angola.

After the recent 8000 meters of intensive drilling, the ore resources of the Longgonuo rare earth project have risen to 313 million tons, with a rare earth oxide grade of 1.43%, of which the praseodymium and neodymium content is 0.32%, that is, the rare earth oxide content is 4.47 million tons. Among them, praseodymium and neodymium metal is 990000 tons.

Compared with the resources announced last time, the amount of praseodymium-neodymium metal increased by 35%. 70% of the resources have been upgraded to the proven and presumed level.

The company has confidence in the potential of the Longgonro rare earth project, and recent drilling has found that fresh rocks are also mineralized under the weathering zone, the orebody extends down to 80 meters, and many boreholes do not penetrate the orebody.

Experiments on the separation and smelting of fresh rock samples are being carried out in order to confirm the technological process of the new type of ore. The ore, with a rare earth oxide grade of 2-4%, is located in the lower part of the currently designed 25-meter deep open pit.

In April, the company received a mining license for the Longgonro rare earth project issued by the Angolan government. Rare earth mineralization has also been found in the Qula (Coola) mine, which covers an area of 7456 square kilometers, next to Longgonro.

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