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The carnival of the automobile market before the National Day: the hot models are out of stock, and the prices of German and Japanese are adjusted.
Sep 17,2020 10:57CST
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SMM: according to the latest data from the China Automobile Association, China's automobile production and sales reached 2.119 million and 2.186 million respectively in August, an increase of 6.3% and 11.6% respectively over the same period last year. From January to August, automobile production and sales totaled 14.432 million and 14.551 million respectively, down 9.6% and 9.7% from the same period last year. So what is the performance of the automobile market in the traditional peak season of Jinjiu Silver Ten? A few days ago, Galaxy visited a number of car 4S stores and found that the number of car buyers and bookings increased significantly in the first two weeks of September, especially Japanese cars, where bookings for popular models have been scheduled for November.

Hot models are "out of stock"

At a GAC Honda 4S store, a salesperson told Gaishi that there were still cars in the first two months, but as the epidemic eased, the cars were not enough to sell. Among them, no matter which model of the Accord has no existing car, it needs to be booked, and we will not be able to pick up the car until the end of next month at the earliest. "each of us can casually sell 4-5 Accord per month, and the whole store can sell about 30 or 40 a month. I still have eight customers waiting in line, all of whom have signed orders to pick up the car. " The above sales staff introduced the current market sales of Accord models.

Civic sells about 70 cars a month in this 4S store.

In addition, in a Dongfeng Honda 4S store, Civic is also a hot item. "now we have just arrived at a blue Civic, and the price is 139900 yuan. If you want to buy it, you have to decide as soon as possible. You can sell it in a few days. The salesperson told Galaxy, "our Civic sells about 70 cars a month."

Similar to Honda, Toyota's popular models are almost unavailable at present. "Carola doesn't have a car now, and you'll have to wait until after the National Day if you want to pick up the car as soon as possible, because Carola doesn't have any cars in stock, so they all order production vehicles. Apart from Carola, the Asian dragon does not have a car. " "Last month, our store sold a total of 135 cars, of which the Carola basically accounted for half," a salesperson at FAW Toyota 4S store told Galaxy. "

Due to shortage, Carola has only one existing car in the showroom, and the reservation will take 1-2 months.

At a GAC Toyota 4S store, a salesperson told Geshi that there was the last white Camry before the National Day, and then it would have to wait until the end of next month. There is basically no car available now, and the reservation will take 1-2 months. Apart from the Camry, Lei Ling did not have a car. When it comes to sales, the salesperson said bluntly that each person can sell 3-4 cars a month, a total of 12 salespeople, and can sell almost 30 or 40 cars a month.

In contrast to the general "shortage" of Japanese cars, German cars are relatively well supplied. At a SAIC-Volkswagen 4S store, Geiser learned that both Lang Yi and Passat have existing cars, where Passat sells about 10 cars a month, while Lang Yi sells about 25.

In Shanghai, the territory of Southern Volkswagen, the performance of Northern Volkswagen is also quite eye-catching. In a FAW-Volkswagen 4S store, Galaxy learned that there are a small number of existing cars in the main models such as Suiteng and Bora. Salespeople told Geshi that Suiteng can sell about 50 cars a month, while Bora (in Shanghai) is slightly weaker.

With regard to the "shortage" of Japanese cars, Ren Wanfu, an auto analyst, told Gus that in the past, companies in the south had high-temperature vacations, but although they did not have them this year, manufacturers should lower their production plans. On the other hand, the marketing method commonly used by Japanese car companies is "hunger marketing", which is also a tried-and-tested marketing means in China.

The price of Japanese cars is adjusted back, and the price of German cars is reduced more.

In order to pursue sales, price reduction promotion has always been a common means of promotion in 4S stores. After a visit, Geshi found that the price reduction of Volkswagen models has increased compared with before, while Japanese models, such as Guangzhou Automobile Toyota and Guangzhou Automobile Honda, have been adjusted back.

At the GAC Honda 4S store, Galaxy learned that compared with the previous two months, Accord's September price was already in a pullback. "before, the highest discount was about 16000 yuan, but now the discount is about 10,000 yuan." if you buy a car with full money, it is two thousand yuan higher than the price of a loan to buy a car. " The salesperson told the car maker.

There is also a price correction in Guangzhou Auto Toyota 4S store. "now the Camry has a discount of 3000 yuan. The current car is no longer sold enough, and the discount is bound to shrink. Before Camry can discount to 5000-6000 yuan. " . "We can sell an average of 200 cars a month, 120 cars a month from November to December, and the price will have to be adjusted then," a salesman at GAC Toyota 4S store told Gaishi. "

However, compared with the price correction of Japanese cars, the price reduction of German cars has increased.

"the Lang Yi discount is 30, 000 yuan, and the stock car (produced last year) is even stronger, with a discount of 35000 yuan. The Passat discount in 2019 is 39000 yuan, and the 2020 Passat discount is about 31000 yuan. this month, the manufacturer will automatically send a two-year warranty, before it was 100000 kilometers in three years, but now it is 160000 kilometers in five years. " A SAIC Volkswagen 4S store salesperson told reporters.

In terms of preferential treatment, the public of Peking University does not show weakness. At FAW-Volkswagen 4S store, Galaxy learned that the discount for the comfortable version of Suiteng 1.4T is about 35000 yuan, while the previous discount is about 30, 000 yuan. CC discount 40, 000 yuan, Bora discount about 30, 000 yuan.

Cui Dongshu, secretary-general of the National passenger car Information Association, told Gaiji that Japanese car companies had a high-temperature holiday in August, which reduced car production, affected supply and reduced prices. The supply of German car companies is relatively sufficient, in order to better achieve the annual target, will increase the price reduction to increase sales.

In the course of the visit, Galaxy also learned that it is cheaper to buy a car by installments than to buy a full car. For example, in the above Guangzhou Automobile Honda 4S store, the full purchase of Accord is about 2000 yuan more expensive than installment purchase. Similarly, in the above FAW-Volkswagen 4S store, the full purchase of Suiteng is 2000-3000 yuan more expensive than by stages.

Why the full purchase is more expensive than the installment purchase. A salesman at GAC Honda 4S store told Gaishi, "because of cooperation with banks, manufacturers will give 4S stores task targets and 4S stores will give sales task targets. Only by completing the task targets can we get a rebate from the bank." It usually sells 10 cars, and 8 of them will ask for payment by installments. "

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