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Tesla's new super charging station may become its largest charging station.
Sep 16,2020 14:49CST
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SMM: it is reported that Tesla is building a new large-scale supercharging station, and it is likely to become the company's largest supercharging station in the world.

With the rapid increase in the number of Tesla vehicles on the road, the company is working hard to develop its infrastructure, such as service centers, mobile service fleets, and charging infrastructure. Tesla's charging infrastructure is mainly made up of a super charging network, which is also regarded as one of Tesla's most important assets. Last year, the expansion of the super-charging network slowed as Tesla was busy increasing the production of V3 super-charging piles.

Now, Tesla seems to be speeding up the deployment of the supercharging network again, and the company is building a super-large supercharging station. A Tesla owner found the charging station in Firebaugh, California. He took a picture and posted it on Twitter. In addition, documents submitted by Tesla to the planning department of Fresno County show that the charging station will have 56 super charging piles.

Tesla has also built several large-scale supercharging stations in China, each with 50 charging piles. But the new station, with 56 charging piles, is likely to become Tesla's largest supercharging station in the world. The document also shows that Tesla plans to build a convenience store and restaurant in the new station.

At present, Tesla has a total of 1971 super charging stations worldwide, and the total number of super charging piles is 17467, with an average of 8.8 charging piles per charging station. The charging station, which has 56 super charging piles, has six times more charging piles than the average.

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