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The United States cancels the imposition of aluminum tariffs on Canada
Sep 16,2020 08:28CST
Source:United States Trade Representative Office
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SMM: local time 15, according to the United States Trade Representative Office official news, the United States is expected in the next few months of this year, aluminum imports from Canada will "fall back to the normal level", so the United States will abolish aluminum import tariffs on Canada.

"compared with January to July this year, the average monthly import of Canadian aluminum will be reduced by about 50%, so the United States has decided to revise its policy of imposing a 10% retaliatory tariff on Canadian aluminum," the US Trade Representative Office said in a statement. continue to implement a tariff-free policy. " However, the US trade representative office also said that if Canada's aluminum imports exceed the limit set by the trade representative office, it will impose another 10 per cent retaliatory tariff on imports that month.

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