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Tesla's share price soars by more than 12%. "Battery Day" is highly anticipated.
Sep 15,2020 07:52CST
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SMM: Tesla shares closed up 12.58% at $419.62 on Monday, as investors and analysts began to pay attention to the company's much-anticipated "Battery Day" event next week.

Last Tuesday, U. S. stocks suffered a slump, and technology stocks were bloodwashed. Tesla's share price fell 21%, the biggest one-day drop in history, hitting a three-week low and losing about $80 billion in market capitalization, equivalent to the total market capitalization of Ford plus GM.

Tesla's 2020 shareholders' meeting will be held at 1:30 Pacific time on Tuesday, September 22nd (04:30 on Wednesday). After the shareholders' meeting, the "Battery Day" began immediately, which was the first time that Tesla held a press conference specifically on battery technology.

It is reported that the previously preheated Tesla in the battery four major technologies "nuclear bomb" (million miles of batteries, cobalt-free batteries, dry electrode technology, silicon nanowire technology) is very likely to be thrown at this event.

Tesla also reportedly plans to buy large quantities of low-carbon nickel from Canadian mining company Giga Metals to meet the growing demand for electric car batteries.

In addition, Goldman Sachs says investor interest in the automotive technology industry is growing as soaring stocks such as Tesla make triple-digit returns this year.

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