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The trial production of 2 million ton alumina project in Huadeng, Guangxi has been carried out.
Sep 14,2020 11:04CST
Source:Fangchenggang Daily
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SMM: September 10, Chinalco Group's Guangxi Huazheng New Materials Co., Ltd. 2 million tons of alumina project (Guangxi ecological aluminum industrial base Fangchenggang project) production process has been opened and trial production, the current production process is normal. In the next step, the enterprise will debug and optimize the equipment to ensure that the project can successfully achieve the goal of reaching production and exceeding production.

The Fangchenggang project of Guangxi ecological aluminum industrial base is a major project to implement the national "Belt and Road Initiative" initiative, implement supply-side structural reform, and promote the strategic layout adjustment of China's alumina industry and the transformation and upgrading of the aluminum industry. It is also a major project to create the second start-up of Guangxi metallurgical industry "one core, three belts and nine bases" in the overall layout. Among them, the 2 million-ton alumina project in Huacheng, Guangxi, started in October 2018, using low-temperature Bayer process to build two alumina production lines with an annual output of 1 million tons, supporting heating and other auxiliary facilities, with a total investment of 5.92 billion yuan.

Since the start of the construction of the 2 million-ton alumina project in Huacheng, Guangxi, the party committee and government of the autonomous region have attached great importance to it and included it in the key projects to be promoted as a whole at the autonomous region level. Lu Xinshe, secretary of the party committee of the autonomous region, Chen Wu, chairman of the autonomous region, and other leaders of the autonomous region went deep into the scene for many times to The municipal party committee and municipal government of Fangchenggang resolutely implemented the deployment arrangements of the central and autonomous regions, and promoted the Fangchenggang project of Guangxi ecological aluminum industrial base as a major project related to the overall situation in accordance with the concept of "strong leader, mending chain and clustering". Adhere to the leadership to take the lead, work together to break through, and create a "through-train" whole process and nanny-like service for the project construction, which effectively ensures the smooth progress of the project construction. Guangxi Huacheng New Materials Co., Ltd. and all participating units braved difficulties, faced challenges and lived up to expectations, completed all the construction work of the project in less than 2 years, and once again demonstrated the speed of Beibu Gulf and the spirit of Fangchenggang.

The 2 million-ton alumina project in Huacheng, Guangxi, has shifted from investment and construction to the production stage, which not only marks a solid step for Fangchenggang City in creating a "core area" for the second start-up of the metallurgical industry in Guangxi, but also further does a good job in the work of "six stability" and "six guarantees" for Fangchenggang City, so as to better promote the aluminum industry to move towards the middle and high end. It is of great significance to promote the development of Fangchenggang aluminum industry and related industries and to form a more complete aluminum industry chain, which will effectively promote the upgrading and development of aluminum industry in Guangxi and even the whole country.

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